Kinky BDSM Ideas to Try with Your Partner Tonight

BDSM dating is certainly not so well-accepted in society at present. The majority of people think whoever likes it is messed up. But actually, it's just a fantasy with hundreds of variations practiced for a long time. If you are into BDSM but have no clue where to start from, here are some creative ideas:

kinky bdsm ideas to try with your partner tonight

Light Spanking

Perhaps, some of you have heard BDSM is all about pain and punishment. Well, it doesn't have to be that way, especially if you are a newbie. You may start lightly, then discuss ramping as a further option. Many couples prefer to use toys and start using their hands once they gain more experience. You can spank your partner on any part of the body, not just the butt, as long as they like it.

Tying Up

Another unaltered element of BDSM dating is tying up. We can assure you bondage is a common fantasy, but beginners should be extremely careful with advanced equipment. It could be dangerous because you might not be able to untie your partner and maintain normal circulation. That is why soft scarves are a good way to start your journey before using handcuffs and rope.

Role Playing

In BDSM dating, the dominant partner is called topping, and the other one is submissive – subbing. If you decide to try this role-playing, you don't have to go all the way and wear full costumes right at the beginning. There are different sex acts you may try like teacher and student, doctor and patient, etc.


Lots of people interested in BDSM dating, like biting. It's the perfect way to test your partner's levels of pain. The best thing is you don't need any gear to practice this or spend much money. Of course, you have to discuss it and find out where the other person stands about getting marks.

Candle Waxing

Candle waxing might seem scary at first, but many couples would confirm it's not that painful. This is an exciting way to explore diverse sensations and light pain. You only have to research the types of candles offered on the market. There are special bondage candles that will not burn your skin, so it will be fun and safe to try them if you are dating someone interested in such things.


Blindfolding is also a major part of BDSM play. It involves the introduction of various sensations while your significant other is blindfolded. Most people like using objects like feathers and whips to tease their partners and bring them to intense orgasms.

Hair Pulling

One of the most common fantasies of people who are into BDSM dating is hair pulling. It's so easy and doesn't require the use of any toys. Hair pulling is a great way to start your kinky play, but you shouldn't forget to talk about it with your partner. You can do it gently or roughly as you prefer. Just make sure you are both okay with it.

Bondage on a Chair

Chair bondage is among the things you will see in adult BDSM movies. It requires your partner or you to sit on a chair or anything else that could be used as bondage furniture. This position gives you more opportunities for oral sex or other types of teasing. But keep in mind some people might find it weird, so you have to find the right time to raise the subject if you have started dating someone new.

Watching BDSM Porn

Some people are skeptical about the idea of watching BDSM porn. But if you watch it together with the person you are dating, it could be way more exciting. You can learn many things and start experimenting while keeping an eye on it.

Teasing with Sex Toys

There are various types of sex toys you can use if you are a beginner at BDSM play. You can choose among bondage hoods, puppy hoods, whips, vibrators, etc., and spice things up in your bedroom. There is a large selection on today's market for every taste.

Although you may encounter skepticism and disapproval when it comes to BDSM play, you are lucky to date a person interested in it. These activities can help you experience incredible pleasure and strengthen your relationship. So, don't hesitate to experiment and broaden your sexual horizons.