Best Sydney dating sites

As you can imagine, Sydney, the most populous city in Australia, and indeed Oceania, offers many dating opportunities for singles. If you are eager to connect with kindred spirits in this exciting metropolis, you can choose from whichever one of these outlets would be most suitable to your relationship aspirations. Are you looking for a series of casual encounters? Or are you actively seeking a love interest? If a particular dating option ticks your boxes, there are so many wonderful sites to choose from. This might seem like quite a task, but we will make it so much easier for you by providing a snapshot of the best of these dating services. Our expert team has spent some time reviewing the various options and has compiled a shortlist of the websites we can most recommend for dating in Sydney. So don’t waste any more time - check out our dating reviews.



With almost half a million users online at any time, Flirt is one of the most popular and ever-reliable dating outlets. The home screen is welcoming, and there’s always useful feedback from existing users to check out. For Sydney dating, this is always a recommended resource.



Worth a visit for its sleekly designed homepage alone, BeNaughty is the perfect outlet for anyone seeking casual hookups in Sydney. Local dating is highlighted, but if you fancy chatting to international singles, navigate to the foot of the introductory page.



For anyone looking for a relationship with a fellow professional in Sydney, EliteSingles is the way to go. It might cost a little bit more than many of its peers, but members are willing to go that extra mile to guarantee a prestigious dating experience.


According to the home page, someone finds love on eHarmony every 14 minutes. It also claims to provide the highest-quality dating pool. Although there are many alternatives to this longstanding site, it remains popular and is worth a visit.



If you are looking to socialize in Sydney, rather than jumping straight into online dating, MeetUp is a worthwhile site for connecting with friends. You can join groups, find exciting things to do, and browse forthcoming events, all from the comfort of home.

Special features of Sydney dating sites

Sydney dating sites offer a variety of features that are aimed at making it as easy as possible for singles to connect. If you have previously attempted to strike up a rapport with other local singles by hanging around in Sydney bars or nightclubs, but have yet to meet someone appropriate for a relationship, we promise all that is about to change. You can take advantage of the easy registration process to create a dating account, and then begin interacting with prospective partners. The secure communication channel offered to members is always conducive to honest and open conversation, creating the right atmosphere that will help to develop those all-important sparks of chemistry. Should you find yourself encountering someone you are not feeling an immediate connection with, just block them.

Who uses dating sites in Sydney?

Because Sydney is the largest city in Australia, it is understandable that there are many dating outlets catering to its vast population. These are popular with a diverse cross-section of the local community, whether that’s individuals living in this metropolis, or the many visitors who drop by here now and again and love to get hooked up with prospective partners. The site users of any of these websites tend to come from a variety of backgrounds, and you will find yourself spoilt for choice, whether you are primarily seeking male or female partners. There is also a sizeable LGBT community in the city, with many Sydney dating sites specifically catering towards their interests.

Meeting singles on Sydney dating sites – easy when you know how

Signing up to one of these Sydney websites could not be any more straightforward. If you go to the respective home pages, you will discover a webform that can be completed in a matter of minutes. The information that this provides will be matched with data that has already been submitted by other Sydney site users, enabling areas where there are any overlaps to be highlighted. This means you will have every chance of connecting with someone who is on your wavelength after you have completed the application process. Once you become a member, you can start to go through the profiles that have already been uploaded by other Sydney singles. Each of these descriptions has been provided by someone keen to commit to a relationship, meaning your chances of coming across people who are going to waste your time are practically negligible.

Search Filters

One of the greatest attributes of any of the websites that we have looked into is the ability to search for like-minded individuals. You can easily tailor search forms so that they produce the results that are most likely to find individuals who tick your boxes. What type of relationship are you looking for from the outset? Are you keen to interact with people who share your hobbies and interests? How about gender or sexual orientation? If your primary aim for signing up to a Sydney dating site is to be put in touch with individuals for a same-sex relationship, then make sure that you apply the appropriate filter when you are completing your search form. You can easily tailor your form to ensure you contact individuals living nearby.

Chatting to singles after you’ve joined Sydney dating sites

If you enjoy flirting with other Sydney singles, you will find the opportunity to get involved in intimate conversations second to none with some of these websites. If you are at all nervous or apprehensive about the prospect of interacting with strangers, we guarantee you will soon get attuned to how easily you can strike up an interesting discussion. Sydney chat rooms are always welcoming to newcomers, and getting involved in group discussions in these environments is often an excellent way to break the ice with potential candidates for romance.

Which Sydney dating sites are free?

The Sydney dating sites that we have highlighted for you tend to offer free registration to newbies. Taking advantage of this functionality will allow you to get a hint of what could be on offer if you were to pursue membership with any particular web resource. This gives you ample opportunity to check out the site’s navigation and also become familiar with its interface. Keep an eye out for specific free functions, such as the ability to complete your profile. Once you have gained a foothold on the dating site, you can commence the process of getting to know other site members who also have romance in mind. Even if you are slightly apprehensive at the thought of strangers flirting with you out of the blue, we can assure you that you’ll get attuned to how easy it is to establish a strong bond. After spending some time interacting in the online environment, you can begin to make plans to meet in the offline world. Sydney offers so many attractive locations for the romantically inclined.


If you are hoping to establish a relationship in Sydney, we hope we have provided an overview of the ideal services for you to home in on. You will find that the Sydney dating sites we have reviewed are uniformly friendly and amenable, representing the perfect environment for meeting prospective partners. Whether you are keen to embark on casual relationships, or something much longer-term, you are bound to come across someone here who on your wavelength. Your only regret will be not having taken advantage of Sydney dating sites before!


What to consider before settling for a Sydney dating service?

Think of the type of relationship you want, use our guidance for the best fit.

Why do dating sites work in Sydney?

Sydney dating sites provide instant access to a cross-section of local singles seeking romance.

How to choose the right dating sites in Sydney?

Use our guidance, and try free registration. Sign up to dating in Sydney right now!