ClickAndFlirt Review

The ClickAndFlirt online personals platform is one of the fast-emerging dating sites for nerds and non-nerd men and women aged 18 and above. It’s the go-to place for adults looking to play, as the name suggests, awesome flirting games that can lead to amazing intimacies. Being non-judgmental, diverse, and inclusive in character, the site welcomes nerds and non-nerds alike, and it encourages everyone to be in a merry mood.

Awesome and Amazing Facts About ClickAndFlirt Australia

This rising dating platform oozes with appealing Aussie adults hungering for hookups and thirsting for thrills in bed.

Hundreds of members from Down Under are online on any given day or night, ready for flirting.

Like-minded locals are into opposite-sex or same-sex encounters.

Singles, couples, and polyamorous groups are welcome.

Neat, nice, naughty, and nifty nerds and non-nerds comprise the vibrant community.

The site offers loads of basic and premium services and dating opportunities.

Fake accounts are easily detected by humans, and the high-tech system, fair dinkum!

Basic Plan and ClickAndFlirt Free Membership Include

The site offers a plethora of standard and premium services to non-paying and paying subscribers.

Some of the standard features are:
  • Account sign-up and confirmation
  • Profile creation
  • Photo uploading
  • Favourite list addition
  • Message reply

Account Sign-Up and Confirmation. The site is free to try, and it takes less than five minutes to sign up and confirm the registration.

Profile Creation. Profiles of ClickAndFlirt users don’t cost anything to be built for other members to rave over.

Photo Uploading. Adding an image to the profile also costs nothing but a bit of time and energy.

Favourite List Addition. Users can “favourite” members they fancy and use the list for future reference.

Basic plan or free membership services also include the ability to ask the help desk questions about the use of the site.

Premium Plan and ClickAndFlirt Paid Membership Include

  • All basic plan or free membership features
  • Full site access
  • Full search filtering
  • Search-results priority
  • Instant-messaging (IM) privileges

Full Site Access. Paying subscribers can flirt to the hilt and check out every one of the finest profiles on the massive site.

Full Search Filtering. The premium service enables prospective daters to deepen their search and pursuit of perfect matches, and this is by adding more parameters for extra customization of the results.

Search-Results Priority. Paying subscribers always get to be on top of the search results and recommendations.

Instant-Messaging (IM) Privileges. Upgraded subscribers are entitled to spark and take part in real-time, two-way conversations with like-minded men and women who are logged in.

The premium plans or paid memberships also get 24/7 support from customer service in case they have questions or issues that need quick answers and resolution.

What Dater Types Are on the ClickAndFlirt Site?

  • 50K+ members worldwide
  • Thousands of active users in Australia
  • 35K weekly logins
  • 75% males, 25% females
  • 18-24 years old, most active age group

ClickAndFlirt may be relatively new in the field of online dating, having only fully launched in 2014, but it banks on its curated population of ever-satisfied daters. There are three dapper dudes for every beauteous babe, which makes this a lovely ePlayground for female playmates who are constantly in pursuit of hot and heavy hookups with male partners.

And being a non-judgmental virtual meeting and flirting place, ClickAndFlirt caters to people of any sexual orientation, philosophy, age, and race, as long as they are pro-inclusion, pro-diversity, and respectful. Single and married people are welcome, as are individuals, couples, and groups. While many are up for casual encounters, some are down with for-keeps romantic partnerships.

Sign Up and Chatting on ClickAndFlirt

Joining the ClickAndFlirt online dating platform is hassle-free, and all it takes are the following steps:

  • Click on your gender and reason for coming over (i.e., Are you male or female looking to date someone from the opposite sex or with the same sex?)
  • Key in your e-mail address to get the confirmation link.
  • Confirm your sign-up via the e-mail address you have provided.
ClickAndFlirt signup

Meanwhile, here are the easy-peasy steps to join the vivacious chat rooms for Aussie adults:

  • Verify your account sign-up.
  • Build your profile.
  • Pay for premium services that include chat privileges.
  • Chat away with one charmer after another!

When signing up, you should read the community guidelines to ensure that you’re abiding by the ClickAndFlirt chatting and dating rules and regulations. Anyone caught violating the policy will be expelled from the site.

ClickAndFlirt Pros:

Diverse, inclusive, non-judgmental network

A curated community of eager adult daters

Lots of flirtatious Aussie members

Streamlined desktop and optimized mobile versions

Android and iOS apps available

Fast registration

Trial memberships available

ClickAndFlirt Cons:

Not exempt from fake accounts

Search results too random sometimes

Auto-renew payments hard to cancel

Profile Quality lets registered, and confirmed Aussie users build their profiles easily and quickly. The system allows the uploading of attractive photos for other members to review and behold. The really serious flirters take advantage of this feature, and so display the snapshot that best describes their desire to date like-minded adults.Profile creation must meet the community guidelines, though, and the images must pass the moderators’ scrutiny. The network is fairly strict about this, so it has technologies in place to monitor the uploads and, if necessary, boot any violators.

There are fake accounts on occasion, which can be truly annoying, but these are more an exception than the rule. In any case, it can’t be emphasized enough that bona fide users and members be extra careful and not let their guard down whenever they meet new people on this dating and personals site for adults. There’s a help desk to answer questions about building profiles and other matters on the use of the online platform.

ClickAndFlirt profile

ClickAndFlirt Reviews

Penelope, 35, Melbourne

I’m happy that there are dating sites for nerds like myself, and I’m even happier that I’ve found Click and Flirt. Here, I’m okay not to be shy. I can express my thoughts and feelings without fear of being judged. I’ve chatted with many smart locals, and I’m excited to meet one of these handsome guys in person.

Steve, 22, Darwin

Just got upgraded after finding potential matches, all fine ladies into footy and barbies. I’m having no whinge so far, and I’m defo telling my mates to come to join me.

Lily, 56, Brisbane

I’m an expat who’s just arrived from another continent, and my chances to expand my social horizons are slim to none. I downloaded the ClickAndFlirt app thus, and I was pleasantly surprised to find no-nonsense locals online. I’ve met several of them in the real dating world and even had an unforgettable nightcap with this dashing widower from Tasmania.


While it’s true that ClickAndFlirt isn’t a largely populated online dating platform, there are plenty of locals who make for viable partners in flirting and romance. And like most of the Websites designed to introduce users to members who could be their match, excellent services come with a price (but none too steep). The site is impressive nonetheless, and the free subscription has enough basic services to get the newbies started. It also provides trial 24-hour and week-long memberships that cost little per day, which gives Australian daters a bang for their buck.

Our experience as non-paying users has been fair-to-middling, and we’re glad to have met people across the country who could make us laugh in a good way. We like that there’s the hustle and bustle in the chat rooms. Not all online platforms have vibrant places to mix and mingle, throw and answer neat and nice questions about hookups and romances, and exchange entertaining and enlightening stories about life, love, and lust.We then bought a trial subscription to test the waters before plunging into the dating sea teeming with fun, fresh, fantastic fish.


How to Pass the ClickAndFlirt Photo Verification

ClickAndFlirt has state-of-the-art means to detect violations of the online dating platform’s Terms of Use. Copyright infringement, impersonation, misrepresentation, fraud, and intentions of harming people and the system are examples of actions to avoid. completelyTo pass the online dating platform’s photo review, be sure that your photo shows you and you alone and that it hasn’t been borrowed or stolen from others. Too, your photo should contain neither obscenity nor offensive imagery that reeks of hatred and repulsive behaviour. It should also be free of viruses, worms, malware, and other software risks.

How to See Who Likes Me on ClickAndFlirt Even If I’m a Free User

Technically speaking, there’s no way to see who likes you on ClickAndFlirt. But there are ways for free users to be contacted by others. If members like you a lot, they will be happy to send friend requests and ice-breakers your way. And if it’s premium subscribers who take a shine to your adorable existence, they can also shoot you titillating e-mails and initiate instant messaging conversations with you.

How to Block Unwanted ClickAndFlirt Users and Members

As a free user, you can’t block the profiles of unwanted ClickAndFlirt members. You must get paid subscriptions to enjoy this specific feature; the price isn’t that prohibitive, anyway. But if you think the person in question is a risk to the ClickAndFlirt community as a whole, by all means, report him or her to customer service. Provide the help desk solid proof to support your case. To see if ClickAndFlirt is the perfect fit for your lifestyle within the Australian dating scene, try it free first and pay when you’re ready to savour the scrumptiousness of premium.