Nerdy Pick-Up Lines

Nerds can fall in love and make others do the same. Truly, they have invented the love formula in the first place. They have spent hours upon hours examining the formula and learning how to apply it correctly. They are the folks to join to get a glimpse into the history of flirting, attraction, and dating. It all comes down to when and how they want to apply the formula. And it is easier than ever with top-rated nerdy dating sites online.

However, a great way to impress your dating partner or simply grab her attention is to use the best geeky pick-up lines. Of course, they do not always work, but you would at least get some creativity points. Not everyone can ignore a silly pun but learn to use it correctly. Here are some cool lines to get you on the road to find new dating partners.


PG Nerdy One-Liners for Naughty Dating

Without some PG nerdy pick-up lines up your sleeves, you just cannot make a modern girl laugh. Try these lines, and dating would get easier.

  1. What is Hydrogen? You will always be my number one element!
  2. What would you say if I tell you are my density?
  3. Is your body made of neon and oxygen? I feel you are the One!
  4. Hey, is it me, or this handkerchief smells like CHCI3 to you as well?
  5. Give me a chance to change your potential energy into kinetic energy.
  6. You look so much better if you take more of vitamin me.
  7. What would you take to talk nerdy to me, girl?
  8. You feel like a dictionary. How else could you add meaning to my life?
  9. Are you a star? Why cannot I stop orbiting around you?
  10. Even on the moon with no gravity, I would still fall for you.

Naughty Nerdy One-Liners to Make Dating Fun

Even for a nerdy guy, it is okay to be a bit naughty when it comes to dating. You do not have to make a huge effort, though, because our pick-up lines will give you the kind of a start you need.

  1. Beware of an exothermic reaction! I think you will spread your hotness everywhere!
  2. My dream is to be your derivative. I would then lie tangent to all your curves!
  3. I love being helicase – it is the enzyme to help me unzip your genes!
  4. Scientists are trying to find a fifth fundamental force to know how you attract me so strongly.
  5. Only you seem to understand how to overclock my processor.
  6. I take you as my queen, so mate me with the help of your knight moves.
  7. Are you a tech genius? How do you turn my floppy disk into a hard drive?
  8. I want to calibrate my joystick without even looking for the latest drivers.
  9. You are an artist. You know how to defragment lives.
  10. Do you mind getting a step closer and disable network sharing for now?

Science-Themed Dating Catchphrases to Try

How could you be a nerd and not love all things science? So, we are not leaving you without some interesting science-themed pick-up lines to try on your next dating partner.

  1. Give me a chance, and I will show you how to change your potential energy into kinetic energy.
  2. How can you ignore it, babe? I know I have just got my ion you.
  3. Wish we were chromosomes. I would choose you as my homologous pair.
  4. Would you mind helping me make a zygote?
  5. Let go someplace and exchange genetic information now.
  6. You must be a fossil. I really want to date you so bad!
  7. Hey, how are you doing? Your lab or mine?
  8. How could someone be sweeter than fructose?
  9. You must be into science. I seem to fall in a lab with you.
  10. Let's go out, and I promise not to take you for granted.

Exciting Punch Lines for Dating with Fiction Lovers

For nerds, life without some fiction is not worth living at all. Whether you love fiction or know someone who is into comic books, here are some cool punch lines to impress them for dating.

  1. If you were Darth Vader, I would never mind you use your power to choke me.
  2. I take you as the Obi-Wan for me.
  3. Can you see a wand in my lower pocket? I would love to Slytherin.
  4. Hey girl, my love for you is stronger than Vibranium.
  5. Have I just found a dementor? How could you take my breath away so fast?
  6. You may be a Jedi in the streets, but I am sure you are a Sith in the sheets.
  7. To make you my date, I would happily walk into Mordor.
  8. You must be in love with Harry Potter because I Dumbledore you a lot.
  9. Baby, I find you more precious than the ring!