The Best Fetish Dating Sites

Whether it is high heels on a lady that turn you on or you like to wear them, fetish dating sites are the way to go, and BDSM is the highlight of these sites.

Choosing a Legitimate Dating Site

Legit dating sites offer the best personals around, keeping user safety in mind. This involves vetting profiles upon registration and taking care of security issues as members chat. One legitimate fetish dating site boasting these features and practices is This website vets profiles before approving them to go live. Any fake photos, be it cartoon characters or some celebrity, are removed, and accounts do not get approved. Additionally, legit platforms have sound security systems such as TSL encryption for all member chats and transactions.

logo benaughty


Filled with youngsters seeking short-term flings, this site caters to all types of sexual needs, including fetish dating.

Special features: account promotion and access to Basic and Full Safe Mode.

The app isn’t available for Android or iOS users.

logo fetish


With over 100k members in the UK alone, the site plays host to 18+ members seeking kinky sexual satisfaction — no strings attached.

Special features: Send Spanks to members, Quick Kink (swipe to spank, or X to pass).

The site is mobile-adapted, but there is no app.

logo whiplr


With over 1.2 million users, the site boasts members from every lifestyle and kink possible.

Special features: location-based dating, BDSM groups, play with Kinksters.

Availability of both iOS and Android apps.

logo feeld


With 60% couples, 74 % straight folks, and 2 million users active in the USA, this fetish site caters to all kinks types.

Special features: Last Seen, and hide profile from FB friends.

Apps are available for Android and Apple devices.

logo fetlife


Predominantly male crowd; the site boasts 4.5 mil Americans seeking fetish, kinks, and BDSM activities.

Special features: get to explore all the fetishes you are interested in.

The app is only available for Android devices.

Places to Meet a Fetish Lover Online

The best places to meet fetish lovers are web-based resources, like the ones listed above. These fetish sites provide platforms with seamless connectivity to fetish lovers near you. The best fetish sites hold the most captivating yet real personals. To find fetish lovers who are genuinely seeking your companionship, join,, or today.

There is no need to take things to bars, streets, or public houses to meet fetish lovers since these places may host disease-ridden, ill-willed people. Most kink webpages have guides on how to proceed about hooking up with fetish lovers nearby without any risks.

The best sites like incorporate all tools necessary for safe chatting and transactions. This means you can share as many intimate details as possible and pay for premium services if you so desire.

Choosing the Fetish Site Most Suitable for You

  • It is important to know what you are after — if all you want is cross-dressing, do not join a site offering the world in terms of kinks, fetishes, and BDSM.
  • Read a review like this one, mentioning the pros of sites you seek to join. If cons exceed pros, consider going elsewhere.

People You Can Meet on Fetish Dating Sites

These sites comprise sexually liberated, open-minded men and women seeking to engage in kinky and risky activities. Usually, they are single, but couples join looking for a menage a trois with a female for a couple or some bisexual experiences. In a nutshell, these sites hold the most sexually liberated persons on the Web.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fetish Dating Sites

Fetish dating sites contain extremely explicit and risque individuals practicing certain sexual endeavors that are borderline hazardous. With that said, there will always be perverts lurking on fetish dating sites, a risk worth avoiding. This is one of the cons of these sites, and members are urged to be vigilant while chatting with other users.

Most hookup sites make members pay for unlimited chatting, which is usually key to getting that hookup sooner rather than later. After all, many members want to find like-minded people close to them safely. When they cannot afford it, they return to dingy bars and unsafe streets.

Another con is that members can become addicted to these platforms. A cool site like can keep a member engrossed in pics and videos long enough to forget physical meets. This is unhealthy and can lead to asocial behaviors.

  • Fetish sites make for a safer dating experience, unlike dingy bars and unpredictable streets.
  • You can find several fetish lovers in your locale at once and chat them up concurrently.
  • They are niche web-based resources — you don’t need to explain yourself; all you need is to mention your preferences.
  • Some fetish dating sites have fake profiles — quite disheartening for someone who quit barhopping for an online experience.
  • They sometimes contain ill-willed members with sinister motives.
  • Several of these sites don’t have apps — mobile versions can be blurry or slow to load.
  • Quality of profiles is sometimes lacking — users can focus more on their fetishes than the quality of pics.

Rules to Follow on Fetish Sites

To manage a good standing and peace of mind while using fetish sites, follow the guidelines mentioned below.

Always post credible and decent pics on your profile and in chatrooms via private messaging. Take your time to understand what members need. If it is kink, play it safe. Remember that some kinks bordering pornography may be removed from the site; it is a dating site, not a pornographic one.

Do not rush to engage users as you would on a regular dating site since this context attracts the craziest of them all. If at all you feel uneasy regarding a certain member, desist from contacting them. If they persist, red-flag, report, and block them.

Niche dating sites have the same community guidelines as the rest of the casual dating sites available. From the onset, you are advised to post real pictures of yourself, not cartoon characters or your favorite celebrities. This is for the safety and assurance of everyone involved that you are the person in the pic.

Handy Tips for a Successful Experience

  • Be honest regarding what you seek (kinks, fetishes, etc.), and others will follow. You will find like-minded people faster by being open about your desires.
  • Capitalize on communication features, especially free ones. Communication is the foundation of dating sites. Converse more, get more likes and responses, find more hookups and friends.
  • Play it safe and do not share what others do not need to know. Information on addresses, finances, and family should never be divulged.
  • If a mobile app exists, download it because it will get you that random hookup, be it a kinky one (for example, related to the cross-dressing fetish). Also, mobile apps allow you to follow friends while on the move.

Is Fetish Dating for You?

Here are a few handy tips to know if you are cut out for fetish dating:

  • If you fancy female clothes and sometimes wear them or turn you on sexually, you may be fit for fetish dating. Whether these clothes are on your body or hung up in a closet — it is still a fetish.
  • Also, if you prefer unorthodox styles of sex, with things other than simple penetration turning you on, you may like fetish dating.
  • If you are tired of hiding in the closet, so to speak, about your kinky desires and would love a forum to exhibit or practice what you feel, get ready. Take things to fetish dating sites and explore your sexuality and sexual desires.
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