Review is one of the most authentic and other niftily naughty individuals who are at least 18 years old. It’s the trusted online platform of marvellous men and wonderful women seeking unconventional intimacies, including those with collared kinks and fettered fetishes. It graciously caters to daters in Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

Fun, Fantastic, Fetish-Filled Facts About in Australia

This large alternative community brims with Aussie adults craving online or in-person kinky BDSM hookups.

Thousands of members from Down Under are online every day to relish explosive, exotic erotica dating.

Locals may be singles, couples, and group romancers.

Swingers and polyamory daters are very much welcome.

Naughty and nifty nerds are treated like royalty here.

Live cams abound for the community’s extreme pleasure and enjoyment.

The site offers loads of bondage discipline, dominance-submission, and Sado-Maso dating opportunities.

Bogus users and fraudulent people are uncommon, fair dinkum! Standard Plan and Free Membership Include

This personals site for individuals with alternative lifestyles is free to try, and the standard plan or free membership features the following:

  • Profile creation
  • Photo and video-greeting uploading
  • Live-cam watching
  • Chat room and magazine access
  • Member searching
  • Hotlist and friend additions
  • “Hot or Not” participation
  • Instant-message sending

The standard plan or free membership also lets users post and answer questions about their kink, fetish, and BDSM dating experiences. It also allows them to publish and review articles, such as passionate poetry and prose, and to communicate their concerns with customer service. Premium Plan and Paid Membership Include

  • All standard plan or free membership features
  • Complete site access
  • Search-results priority
  • Sending fabulous virtual gifts

Complete Site Access. Paying subscribers can—with feathery and leathery abandon—read and write blogs, join chat rooms, watch other members’ multimedia presentations, and experience all the online dating services available on

Search-Results Priority. Paying subscribers are always the first to appear in any user’s search results and recommendations.

Reading and Sending Messages. Paying subscribers to have the exclusive privilege of reviewing notes sent their way and communicating their desires with Aussie beefcakes and bombshells.

Sending Fabulous Virtual Gifts. Paying subscribers can expedite the hookup process by giving irresistible ePresents to members whom they find attractive.

The premium plans or paid memberships, classified as “Gold” and “Silver” subscriptions, provide 24/7 phone support to ensure that all paying users enjoy uninterrupted first-class dating services.

What User and Member Types Are on the Dating Site?

  • 1.1M members worldwide
  • 110K users in Australia
  • 415K users in the USA
  • 80K active weekly logins
  • 80% males, 20% females
  • All age groups ready to play

What makes one of the world’s greatest kink, fetish, and nerd dating sites is its huge (and yet-swelling) population of naughtily nifty nerds and non-nerds. There are four mighty meaty males for every wet and wild female, and they’re all dying to grab hold of over-the-moon sex at the soonest time possible.

And what makes extremely popular is its nonjudgmental nature, which screams inclusion and diversity. Its dating doors are open to one-offs and for-keeps intimacies with the opposite sex. It embraces lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and omnisexuals (or pansexuals) as well. The site accommodates monogamous and polyamorous bedroom explorers and other adventure types in between.

Sign Up and Chatting on

Here are the quick steps to signing up with the dating platform:

  • Click on the best description of yourself (i.e., Are you male or female, a single adventurer or a couple of explorers?)
  • Key in your e-mail address to receive notifications.
  • Confirm your registration via the unique link sent to your e-mail.
alt signup

Here are the easy tips for chatting with like-minded people on this vibrant online platform for Aussie adults:

  • Verify your account sign-up.
  • Build your profile.
  • Search for chat rooms that arouse your curiosity.
  • Chat to your heart’s (and body’s) content!

It’s a must to read the community guidelines before plunging into the exciting world of chatting and dating. Anyone caught violating the rules and regulations will be stripped of free or paid privileges, then be banished from the site. Pros:

A nonjudgmental, diverse, inclusive environment

Large network of kink, fetish, and BDSM daters

Lots of members in Australia

Desktop and mobile versions streamlined and optimized

Quick sign-up process

Profiles free and easy to create Cons:

No dating app

Search results sometimes too random

Only popular free users allowed to view other members’ profiles

Auto-renew billing hard to cancel

Profile Quality encourages all users to take advantage of the no-cost creation of profiles. It allows the uploading of sultry images for others to behold. This is why most men and women here showcase their winsome wares and get their fair share of hookups in no time. There are, however, fake accounts here and there, although these are very few and far between.

To weed out suspicious elements on the adult personals site, safety, security, and privacy measures are in place. The site is part of the colossal and commanding network of online dating platforms that are owned and operated by the formidable FriendFinder Networks (FFN). Being such, it relies on the state-of-the-art FFN systems that have technologies in place to protect the sensual interests of free and paying members.Additionally, has a responsive, human-powered help desk to investigate reports of misrepresented or bogus accounts, as well as untoward incidents onsite.

alt profile Reviews

Darren, 24, Sydney

This site’s mint, and I’ve told my mates about it. I’m a dag in real life, but my inner sex god awakes when I’m logged in. To say that the chats, live cams, and physical encounters are gnarly would be an understatement. I’ve just upgraded and will defo renew.

Jean, 43, Perth and its sister sites all give my cobbers and me a fair crack of the whip...figuratively and literally. The chat rooms are fun and frivolous, fair dinkum, and we love that the bruces and sheilas are just as excited to hook up as we are.

Richard, 61, Adelaide

The dating platform is great for retirees like me who want to try something new in the Bush. I have been a Gold subscriber for years, and although I am very satisfied with the services, I still cannot get enough of the offerings!

Conclusion aims to please and doesn’t disappoint. The free subscription may be limited in terms of access to all the services, but it’s a good way to get started and gauge the site's effectiveness when it comes to winning the kink, fetish, and BDSM dating game. Our experience as standard users wasn’t all that bad, as we were able to instantly message the gorgeous members we wanted to spend time with.

Within a few days, we’ve had a couple of hookups on the way. We threw some questions to the customer reps regarding site use, and they e-mailed helpful answers back in less than 72 hours.And seeing as how the site suited our lifestyle, which is to mix and mingle with like-minded people, we decided to upgrade to the Silver plan for a month. Wanting so much more, we finally got the Gold plan to savour all the scrumptious services anytime we felt kinkily peckish.


How Do I Pass the Photo Verification?

The rule of thumb is to be an authentic seeker of sizzling kink, fetish, and BDSM escapes. If you’re genuine, by all means, post your photo that will entrance others who are on the site. Just be sure that it’s yours and yours alone and that it contains no nudity. Your uploads will be verified by high-tech systems, which have a myriad of ways and means to detect images that you’ve ripped elsewhere and from someone else or those reeking of pornography. Violate the terms, conditions, and policies, and you’re out of the glorious game!

How Do I See Who Likes Me Even If I’m Not a Paying Member?

Unfortunately, there’s no way for standard or free users to view members who like and have got the hots for them. This feature is only available to those who have upgraded their subscriptions to the Gold or Silver plans.

How Do I Block an Unwanted Person on

Again, unfortunately, free users have no option to block profiles of unwanted individuals on the site. They must upgrade to avail themselves of the blocking service; otherwise, they may have no other choice but delete their account altogether. The premium plans don’t cost an arm and a leg, after all, and they’re worth their weight in “Gold” or “Silver,” so to speak.To see if is perfect for your lifestyle within the Australian dating circuit, try it free first and just pay once you’ve gotten the hang of it.