Top Romantic Restaurants in Melbourne to Have a Great Time

Wining and dining are always on another level when done at an ideal place. If you are interested in a romantic restaurant to enjoy a fantastic experience with your partner, we are here to provide you with the only list you need.

romantic restaurants in melbourne

Cutler & Co

If you are interested in a friendly and cozy environment to dine with your partner, Cutler & Co offers Melbourne's best romantic experience. Couples come from every corner of the city because of the restaurant's choice of meal selection. The restaurant offers a rare and unique dining option for couples and people interested in having a great dinner. You should check out this fantastic place if you plan on going on a romantic date soon.


Shadowboxer is a wine bar and restaurant with a great atmosphere, excellent service, and a fairy-light tree. It is located in South Yarra; the environment is friendly and welcoming. The restaurant is beautiful and offers an intimate dining atmosphere to couples who visit. It offers two dining spots with a seating arrangement that adds a cozy vibe to the atmosphere. Their food menu is extraordinary; a perfect choice for a romantic date.

Navi Restaurant

Also, in Yarraville, Navi restaurant offers a modern-day savoring menu. If you are interested in an intimate dining experience with your partner, Navi Restaurant is the ideal spot to book. Although the restaurant is small, it offers a wide range of dining menus for its members. If you haven't been to this restaurant in the Yarraville area, you need to check it out today and have a romantic moment with your partner.

Vue De Monde

This is a fine dining restaurant with amazing views of the city. Almost everything about this restaurant is perfect, the meals, drinks, service, and atmosphere. This is a restaurant that should be considered whenever you are interested in having a romantic dinner experience. Vue De Monde is highly rated among Melbourne restaurants. It has set a high standard for itself with the excellent services being offered.


Since 1930, Grossi Florentino has been serving the people of Melbourne with excellent service. It's an Italian restaurant owned by the Grossi family. The restaurant offers tasty food and hospitable services. Reserve a table for you and your partner today and enjoy a romantic dinner experience with your loved one. It is one of the oldest restaurants in Melbourne.

Flower Drum

This is one of the most recognized Chinese cuisine restaurants in Melbourne. For more than 30 years, the restaurant has been delivering tasty food and exceptional services. The restaurant is beautified with red carpet and art lining. You will find diets ranging from vegan, vegetarian, gluten, etc. flower drum is a popular restaurant known for its fine cuisines. This is an ideal place to come if you desire a romantic dinner date with your lover.


Attica is a decent restaurant with incredible service and a fabulous setting. If you are interested in hospitality alongside tasty meals, this is the perfect place to bring your partner. The restaurant keeps improving day by day and offers a cozy environment to visitors seeking a pleasant dining experience.

Maha Restaurant

This is a restaurant that offers Middle Eastern and Mediterranean meals. The restaurant has some advanced and rousing menus that will treat you to an unforgettable experience. Head down to bond street today and enjoy a nice dinner with your partner.

Sezar Restaurant

This is an all-rounder restaurant where couples can hang out, and there is also room for multiple guests to get together. Sezar is proud to offer exceptional services and the Middle East & Armenian cuisine. You may opt for a glass of wine before dinner and proceed straight to enjoy its unique and tasty meals.


This beautiful restaurant offers a scenic view to its visitors. It is one of the most stylish and classy Italian restaurants in Melbourne, with exciting menus and friendly services. It is a perfect date idea for couples interested in a romantic experience. The dining experience you will get here will keep you coming back for more.


This is the definitive list of romantic restaurants in Melbourne that you need to be aware of. Try visiting any of the restaurants mentioned when going on your next date and enjoy an unforgettable experience with your partner.