10 BDSM Movies Kinkier Than Fifty Shades of Grey

Are you a lover of the Fifty Shades movie? Do you feel the film was the only one of its kind? There are lots of BDSM movies that have been made before and even after that are much kinkier. There are more sexy movies that explore sexual fetishes out there for you to watch. You will discover lots of spanking, Bondage, Submission, and Masochistic relationships in the movies. We have taken the time to gather some of the best for you to explore. The best ten includes;

bdsm movies kinkier

The Secretary (2002)

Lee, who was recently hospitalized for mental issues, was later released into her parent's care and secured a job as a secretary while she was dating Peter. However, her boss, Edward Grey, becomes sexually aroused by Lee's submissive behavior. He began to inflict physical pain and humiliation that she fell in love with, and a Sadomasochistic relationship began from there.

The Story of O (1975)

This is a story about a Parisian photographer named "O," whose partner, Rene, took to Chateau to be trained to be submissive and bondage for sexual satisfaction. Rene had to leave and thereby left her in charge of his stepbrother, a more brutal master. However, O and Rene's stepbrother ended up falling in love.

A Dangerous Method (2011)

Dr. Jung uses his idol's technique to cure a Sabina and unlock her potentials. They became fond of each other and started dating. However, things became hot when Sabina supposedly caused a rift between Dr. Jung and his idol, Dr. Freud.

9½ Weeks (1986)

A separated Art gallery worker Elizabeth encounters John, a businessman, after a meeting and mutually develops a connection afterward. They began dating, and John pushed her to cross every sexual boundary she has. Complications began to develop as Elizabeth finds it difficult to know who John is.

Belle De Jour (1967)

This is the story of a wife with fetishes, kinks, and BDSM-related fantasies that her spouse cannot satisfy. She thereby decides to venture into prostitution to satisfy her fantasies during the day. In the process, a young thug falls in love with her at the bordello, where she works as a prostitute and wants to have her for himself only.

Crash (1996)

This is a story about people that are sexually aroused by car crashes. James got involved in a car accident with a couple's car that led to the husband's death. He becomes hugely turned on as he sees the wife at the crash. The film contains kinky contents and fetishes.

Preaching to The Perverted (1997)

This is about a BDSM club being investigated with intentions of being shut down. A young computer tech was hired to infiltrate and gather evidence to nail the BDSM club. In the process, he got fascinated and fell for the chief mistress.

The Piano Teacher (2001)

Erika Kohut is a piano teacher who still lives under the same roof as her mother in her early 40's. She only feels accessible outside the house when she visits the show centers to watch porn. A student of hers then seduced her one day, and a masochistic affair began between two of them from there.

Maitresse (1976)

This is a story about Olivier, who stole into Ariane's home. Instead of seeing valuables steal, he discovers her BDSM room instead, and they began to get along with a Dom-Sub affiliation. They grew so much in love, and her profession tends to become an issue.

Basic Instinct (1992)

During bondage sex, Johnny was pierced to death by Catherine. Nick was supposed to investigate the scenario, but while trying to play games on Catherine to get the truth from her, he began to have affection for her which made him question his instinct.


The above BDSM films are very kinky and make you forget you ever watched fifty shades of grey. Whenever you are less busy, you can check out a few of these movies and explore your kinky nature.