Kippoapp Review

This is a great dating site for gamers to level up your human connections, the dating site Kippoapp is a fun and interactive app for gamers and geeks to have a real-life quest for finding love, relationships, and compatible partners.

Facts about Kippoapp

Founded in 2019

Has more than 45,000 members globally

Participative and an interactive community

The main benefit of Kippoapp is that it doesn’t focus only on the users’ as the main reason for attraction and starting conversations. In fact, members are encouraged to gauge the romantic compatibility of users through the games and hobbies of their interest. Physical appearance becomes secondary to personality and interests.

Kippoapp free membership includes:

  • Registration and profile building
  • Profile customization
  • Adding three cards to your profile
  • Browse 30 profiles per day

Kippoapp paid membership includes

  • Browse through unlimited members’ profiles
  • Communicate by sending unlimited messages
  • Up to seven cards added to your profile

Who is on the site?

With the gamer’s community expanding every day, it is no wonder that the dating site Kippoapp has a considerable population of members. There is a good representation of gamers from the US, UK, and Australia.As one of the best gamers dating sites, Kippo proudly caters to its infamously shy demographic of members. Although most members are single males, there are also plenty of female gamers whose membership is increasing consistently. Most of the members fall under the 18–24 age range.

What’s good is that 93% of the Kippo members have gone on virtual dates and even set up video playdates before meeting personally. This reduces the level of awkwardness that is typical on first dates.

Sign Up and Chatting

The dating site Kippoapp, like most online dating services, starts out simply. You need to enter your general information like age, gender, and location. Then, you have to upload four photos that will be added to your profile. Part of the sign-up and account creation process is to let your gender orientation be known. The dating site Kippoapp is best known for its inclusivity, so people of all orientations, open to dating anyone, are welcome.

You also don’t need a phone number or email to complete the registration as account verification is not part of the process. There are also no tedious questions to answer.Chatting is straightforward, too, as you just need to search and select the profile of the person you are interested in and send them a quick hello. You can simply start by sharing tips and tricks on how to pass a certain game level.

Kippoapp signup


Gamer-themed aesthetics

A unique feature like the cards to show your favourite games, preferences, star sign, and personality type

Freedom to include your geeky and weird interests in your profile

Premium version is budget-friendly

Simple registration using your mobile number


Purely a mobile dating app

No video chat option

No available personality tests

No email or social media registration

Profile Quality

Whether you are an Aussie or American, everyone in the Kippoapp community shares the same passion — gaming. Gamers are naturally creative, focused, and quite dedicated, which are also traits that are helpful in relationships.Connecting with other games is seamless and exciting because you can express your personality and preferences using cards. With more than 95% of the members having complete profiles, you can gauge if this gamer boy or girl is someone worth your time.

Membership from women starts to level up, too, with more gals getting hooked on playing games. Both men and women gamers would have enough fellow gamers to interact with.To ensure security, gamers and geeks would have to look out for each other and be proactive in reporting any member who violates the site’s rules and policies.

Kippoapp profile

Kippoapp Reviews

Steven, 22 years old, Central Coast.

“I’ve always felt like there’s something wrong with me because I spend more time playing games than trying to find a girlfriend. With the dating site Kippoapp, I realized that gamers are often misunderstood. I am good at my games, but I can also be good in handling a relationship.”

Jeff, 26 years old, Bathurst.

“Thanks to Kippoapp, I realized that I also have some romantic bones in my body. I met some girls my age who surprisingly love the same game as me. I love how we can speak the same language.”

Michelle, 21 years old, Adelaide.

“I love the interface! It’s so me and the cards being a way to show my personality and preferences is such an interesting concept. It gives that Cardcaptor Sakura vibe.”


Gamers have an eye for clean graphics and responsiveness. And the black background with its splashes of pink is a sure attention-grabber. Its gamer-centric mood is a certain way to encourage that energetic and lovey mood out of every stressed gamer. The design and impressive infographics, plus the cards, are such a new and refreshing way to show my personality.

I like how it doesn’t force dating itself, but it encourages building relationships founded on shared interests and preferences, which is vital for any human connection. Like games where you have to build your alliances, you also develop friendships that can lead to something more. It is up to you to explore this new mission. Along the way, there’ll be challenges, but with some creative problem-solving and sincerity you’re sure to be successful.


How to pass Kippoapp photo verification?

There is no photo verification integrated into the dating site Kippoapp, but it is recommended that pictures being uploaded are decent and not offending to any member of the community. Images that promote nudity should be avoided.

How to see who likes you on Kippoapp without paying?

Unfortunately, you cannot see previous likes until you upgrade your membership to Kippo Infinity.

How to block someone on Kippoapp?

For assistance in blocking someone on the dating site Kippoapp, you can send an email at [email protected].