Best teen dating apps in Australia

Teenagers have certainly embraced the possibilities of technology when it comes to socializing. As well as downloading all sorts of social media apps to their phones or tablets, they can also access dating services very easily.

  • There is a variety of teenage dating apps that are available for download from most major app stores.
  • We have taken the time to look into some of these examples, checking out what they offer their customers in terms of user-friendliness and functionality.
  • If you would like us to point you in the direction of the most recommended dating apps aimed at teens, check out the reviews that we have listed here.

Coffee Meets Bagel

If you’re looking for longer-term teen relationships, this is one app worth considering. Extremely popular with singles who are looking for ‘the one,’ the matchmaking facility is geared towards meaningful rather than trivial connections. It’s worth a try if only to check out what all the fuss is about.



Happn is all about using proximity to allow easy connection between singles. If you pass someone you like on the street, try tracking them down. As its membership has grown, so has its functionality. You can send voice messages, or even include songs from Spotify when you’re chatting.



Skout is useful for teens because it is not solely focused on matching people for relationships (although it certainly provides the tools to do this). It can also provide socializing opportunities, and you can create a profile easily via social media.



Aimed at teenagers between 13 and 19, MyLOL does advertise itself as a dating site, but it is also about socializing on a secure network. If you’re looking for somewhere to make new friends, and then see what develops, this could be a worthwhile place to start.



Another dating app that goes in for swiping, Yubo employs a right swipe to ‘like’ another user’s profile, while a left swipe is a way of dismissing those you’d rather not become friends with. When you ‘click’ with another teen, start interacting and sending messages and photos.

Special features of teen dating apps

The most common features of teen dating apps are the functionality that will assist you in your quest to connect with suitable partners, and the background information you can tap into. You’ll see from the reviews we have provided that there are several excellent apps you can choose from, any one of which would be ideal for you. The moment you complete the web form aimed at new starts, the information you provide can easily be compared with the data provided by other site users by algorithms built into the app. The teen dating apps’ chat room facilities are always popular with singles, providing a secure environment where you can interact with a cross-section of Aussie singles, discussing all sorts of topical subjects.

Who uses teen dating apps?

Teen dating apps are popular with many people in Australia because they are such a flexible method of communicating. The apps are readily downloadable from your favorite App Store and can be integrated into the home screen of your smart device or tablet, nestling nicely alongside the other apps that you are used to using daily. The gender split between those using these apps is fairly balanced, but they are particularly attractive to individuals from marginalized communities such as LGBT individuals, who often feel as if they are cut off from some of the traditional dating outlets commonly used by their straight counterparts. You will quickly get a handle on who is using these dating sites if you sign up to become a member and begin checking out the profiles that have been uploaded by other site users.

The best ways to contact singles using dating apps for teens

Teen apps generally offer a straightforward signup process. There is never anything too taxing about completing the application form, which will generally be found on the homepage of the respective sites. You will be invited to provide a variety of background details, and algorithms built into the website or app will ensure this information is used to find you the most appropriate matches. The process of signing up tends to take place in a matter of minutes, and once you are onboard you can begin to browse through the profiles that have already been uploaded. Because this procedure is free in most of these dating apps, you can take some time checking out the degree of functionality that is on offer before finally committing to one particular site. The flexibility of online dating is such that you can check out a variety of options before deciding which is best.

Search Filters

One of the most important aspects of any of these dating apps is the search facility that will be available for members. This is where you can decide the type of person you would like to begin interacting with once you have joined. You will be able to tailor your search form according to the singles you are interested in meeting. If you are particularly keen to arrange an encounter with someone who lives in your vicinity, then make sure you make changes to the location filter so that you are only going to look up people living nearby. On the other hand, if you are eager to search for singles who live further afield, you could make the appropriate adjustment to your phone.

Chatting to other singles teens using appropriate apps

It couldn’t be easier to chat once you have signed up to one of these teen dating outlets. You can begin the process of kindling a sense of chemistry with one of the other site users by browsing through the profiles and then ‘liking’ anyone whose photograph happens to quicken your pulse! You can also take the shortcut of sending ‘winks’ to the other singles. This will alert them that someone has noticed their profile and is keen to know them better.

Which free teen dating apps should I check out?

By checking out the reviews that we have presented for your information, you will realize most of these teen dating apps are available to customers on a free basis, at least at the initial stage. These dating apps intend to allow newcomers to get a feel of what is on offer before they decide to commit to any one site in particular. Free membership will generally give users the ability to create a profile, and then upload this to the webpages and wait for other site members to notice their details and feel compelled to get in touch. When you are completing your profile, it is important to be honest, and to keep the information succinct. Anyone browsing through these details is going to help to get a snapshot of prospective partners, rather than having to pore over exhaustive background information, as if they are reading a CV! Once you have gained a hint of what would be on offer if you were to sign up to the teen dating app, you can decide if you’d like to apply for the premium rate.


To summarise, teen dating sites come in a variety of formats, but they are uniformly user-friendly, with interfaces designed with their target audience in mind. If you have decided you would like to take advantage of one of the sites we have recommended, then keep an eye out for the webform on the homepage where you can input your details, and begin joining in the fun. You’ll find that most of these sites are so much more than simply platforms where singles can connect. You will be entering a vibrant community, and meet fabulous new friends and possible soulmates.


What to consider before settling for teen dating apps?

Will this site provide you with easy communication tools for socializing with other teens?

Why do dating apps work for teens?

Many teens lead busy lives and love the convenience of interacting in the online environment.

How to choose the right teen dating apps?

Focus on the reviews we have provided – then sign up to an appropriate teen site!

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