MaiOtaku Review

MaiOtaku is one of the leading anime dating apps globally, creating an environment that thrills people who love animated. The platform was founded in 2009 and has since helped singles meet anime convention friends and buddies. Besides, it has led to numerous dates and relationships for these people.

Top Facts about MaiOtaku Dating Website

The creation and filling of information are accessible.

There is no limitation to the number of photos one wants to add.

Users can search other members’ profiles.

Members can receive and send messages at ease.

The matchmaking tool is efficient in connecting people with compatible matches.

MaiOtaku free membership includes:

  • Photos: The site allows users to add pictures to profiles without any limitations and for free.
  • Favorite anime: The user can indicate any anime conventions attended or experiences, hence an easy way to connect with other members.
  • Profile creation: MaiOtaku dating site is an opportunity to make new acquaintances and reconnect with anime convention buddies.
  • Messages: MaiOtaku has no limitation to receiving, viewing, and sending messages for people with free memberships.
  • Public comments: MaiOtaku allows members to make public comments on posts made online by other users.
  • Matchmaking tools: The matchmaking tools for the site are unique in filtering for a compatible match based on several new members’ questions.

MaiOtaku paid membership includes

  • Messages: Users can save messages sent to them for a more extended period with a premium membership. As such, chats that are funny, memorable, and important will never be lost.
  • Enhanced flirting tools: A premium membership allows people on the MaiOtaku website an opportunity to send romantic messages and posts using emojis and other features.
  • Interactions: With a subscribed membership, users get invited to convention panels, events, and chat room parties. As such, the engagement increases, leading to more dates and relationships for members.

What Is Members Composition for MaiOtaku?

MaiOtaku membership comprises members with different gender identities, including female, male, trans-female, trans-male, nonbinary, agender, and gender fluid. It welcomes people of all sexual orientations to register as members and interact with other anime online daters. Most of these individuals feel welcome and not judge and get time to date other animation lovers at a glance. The site has millions of members spread across the world. As such, the membership is composed of people from different cultures and nationalities, Australia included. Besides that, MaiOtaku dating site members are mature, personable, and active, making it easier to interact. The male to female ratio on the dating site is 49:51.

Sign Up and Chatting

Signing up on MaiOtaku is quick and easy. It would take less than five minutes from the start to completion. See the steps to follow.

  • Step 1: Visit website.
  • Step 2: Enter username, email, and password and click the red “Join MaiOtaku” button.
  • Step 3: Upload a photo, update location, write about me, add anime list, update birthday, and review suggested matches.

For the chatting, at the right-hand side of your account, there are suggested members with who you can commence a chat. Again, you can choose serious talk, video game discussions, random chatter, and anime news and discussions on the left-hand side as reliable places for chatting.

MaiOtaku signup


It has fast matchmaking capabilities.

User-friendly design.

Available video games and conventions for members.

Dating advice is provided through blogs.

Efficient support team response.

Effective communication tools.

The site has cheaper subscription costs compared to other anime dating sites.

Members come from all over the globe.


It doesn’t report spam profiles.

MaiOtaku has very poor identity verification.

There is no mobile app.

Profiles are public.

Profile Quality

MaiOtaku prides itself among the top anime dating sites. It has thrilling profile qualities that make it outstanding and likable by users across the world. Here are the top features that could also capture your attention:

  • User-friendliness: Using the MaiOtaku interface to create a profile is easy. That is because every data entry field is visible, and users have guidelines on how to do it.
  • Pictures: The dating site does not have any limits for the number of images uploaded. Besides, members are allowed to animate their photos.
  • Information: The website offers guided responses to required personal data. Hence users don’t have to provide bulk details.
MaiOtaku profile

MaiOtaku Reviews

Will_Boy, 21, Perth

I am a proud member of MaiOtaku. The site is more than an alternative for me in the anime dating experiences. It's irreplaceable. I would give it a review of 5.0/5.0 stars.

Power_girl, 26, Canberra

I love the simplicity of the site in creating the profile and reaching out to anime dating fans. Besides, chatting with members here is thrilling and satisfying. I love spending time here!

Patricia, 22, Sydney

I never want to be on any other anime dating profile than this one. I found my boyfriend of two years here, and the fun and relationship are still thriving. It's us against the odds!


MaiOtaku is a fascinating anime dating site that is unmatched by any other site both in Australia and globally. The platform has exciting features that keep the users involved and connected at all times. Features such as video games, conventions, matchmaking, blogs, and chat rooms have kept users engaged at all times. Additionally, the site has several animation categories, including comedy, mecha, daily life, action, and romance. All these bring users the satisfaction they need to acquire a particular identity. Some of the top anime to enjoy while on MaiOtaku include FMA: Brotherhood Vampire Knight, Soul Eater, Trigun, Hellsing Ultimate, and Howl's Moving Castle. The site's rating review is 4.3/5.0 stars.


Does MaiOtaku require photo verification?

You do not need photo verification on this dating site, as it allows members to use animations. However, avoid nude pictures.

Can I see who likes me on MaiOtaku without paying?

Yes, it is possible. Any time someone likes your profile, a notification will get sent to you to find the user.

Can I block someone on MaiOtaku?

Yes, you can do it by going to their profile and click the "block user" button above the MaiOtaku upgrade. A user can also reach out to the support team.