Best gamers dating sites in Australia

Are you are a gamer? If you are, and you are also seeking a love interest to share in your passion for computer gaming, then you have come to the right place. We have reviewed a cross-section of the best dating sites aimed at gamers in Australia. Our team of experts have checked out the possibilities, and provided a list of objective assessments, inviting you to check out their opinions and decide which of the recommended outlets you would like to sign up to. Don’t worry if you are relatively new to Internet dating, you will quickly get attuned to how forthright and honest our reviews of gamer dating sites are, and in no time you will find yourself browsing to one of these outlets to introduce yourself to fellow gamers.

QuickFlirt logo

QuickFlirt benefits from a well-composed interface design, inviting newcomers to check out what’s on offer. Features include the ability to browse local singles, as well as arranging a single chat at your earliest convenience. Navigating to the foot of the homepage produces a diverse range of interesting topics.



Advertising itself as the world’s number one gamer dating site might seem like a hard act to follow, but this is certainly worth checking out. The interface presents a diverse gallery of attractive gamers, of all ages, inviting you to complete your profile and join in the fun.


According to the inviting homepage, Girlgamerdating provides free gamer dating and is perfect for anyone who is into games or proudly describes themselves as a geek or a nerd! The easy-to-navigate interface is perfect for newcomers, while the signup form is particularly succinct.


Kippoapp is a sleek and modern-looking app that is perfect for gamers hoping to connect with other singles. Its ultra-modern design might not be to everyone's taste, but it seems perfectly attuned to its captive audience. As well as information about gamer dating there’s a menu heading on comics.


Described as ‘the world’s only 100% custom-built premium gamer dating site and app on the Internet,’ IFGdating offers strong encryption and stellar customer service, while also being focused on providing dating outlets. It makes full use of the fact that it has been mentioned in numerous other Internet outlets.

Special features of gamers dating sites

Gamers dating sites will typically include a lot of features that will allow new members to get acquainted with the existing site users.

  • One function worth mentioning is the chartroom facility that exists on most of these dating services. This allows single gamers to introduce themselves to a cross-section of the other members, getting involved in group discussions about subjects they have in common.
  • They might like to discuss the latest gaming releases, or which classic titles are guaranteed to keep them enthralled. This is always such a valuable aspect of allowing the singles to connect and develop a rapport.
  • When gamers wish to move on from this feature, they can also use the dating site’s more discreet communication channels to initiate one-to-one conversations with any of the other singles they have particularly got their eye on.
  • It can be incredibly easy to develop chemistry with other gamers.

Who uses gamer dating sites?

Gamer dating sites have a universal appeal. Far more people anticipate the release of the latest video games than look forward to forthcoming releases of Hollywood movies, so it’s safe to say that you have a vast potential dating pool when you sign up to one of these outlets. Feedback from gamer dating site customer surveys tends to reveal there are more male than female gamers, but it is also safe to say that there are huge numbers of enthusiastic gamer girls out there. If you are a single guy hoping to connect with someone sharing your passion for console action, then signing up to one of many gaming resources would be your most direct route.

Learn some methods for meeting singles on gamer dating sites

One of the best aspects of joining any of the gaming sites we have mentioned here is that the registration procedure tends to be very straightforward. You can access the application form on the homepage of each site, and this will provide a series of straightforward questions for you to complete. Where gaming sites are involved, an important aspect of the signup process is that algorithms built into the software will collect your details, and find your matches with other site users based on the answers you have supplied. Many of the sites offer free registration, giving to you the chance to check out the functionality that is on offer before fully committing to becoming a subscribed member.

Search Filters

When it comes to applying search filters in gaming sites, the first thing you need to ask yourself is what type of relationship are you interested in organizing with one of the other site users? You can apply filters according to gender, or the type of sexual preference you have. Modern online dating is super-inclusive, meaning that your tastes will be catered for whether you are seeking straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transsexual relationships. Tailor your search form accordingly, and you will gain access to that particular subsection of the gaming site’s customer base. If you decide you would like to expand your search and find gamers beyond your neighborhood, you can do so by making alterations to that parameter on the search form.

Perfecting techniques for chatting up other singles

There are many ways to initiate conversations once you join one of these gamer dating sites. You could always begin by entering the chat rooms and getting involved in group discussions with the other site users. Feel free to introduce your topics for consideration. If you would prefer homing in on individual members, you can access anyone’s dating profile, then use a variety of communication tools to initiate conversations.

Are there many free gamers dating sites for meeting singles?

Most gaming sites will offer free registration for prospective members. There may be many other features that will be available before signing up for any subscription plan. This flexibility gives you the chance to check out how user-friendly any of these free gamer dating sites are, sussing out if the navigation is easily accomplished, or whether or not your find the typeface or integration of images complies with what you’ve been looking for. In most cases, free gaming sites will provide you with everything you are looking for in terms of connecting with other singles. Check for gamer dating services that also offer the ability to construct a free profile. Once you have established a foothold on the dating site by uploading your details, you will be able to interact with a cross-section of other site users, developing chemistry by exchanging intimate messages. Once you have sampled the type of service you could expect from any dating outlet, you can examine the subscription fees and decide if you would like to take your experience to the next stage and become a fully paid-up member. Premium membership will provide access to a range of attributes to help you find single gamers.


Gamer dating has never been more popular. Because this is one leisure pursuit that has universal appeal, you will never run out of conversation topics when you are reaching out to potential partners by using any of the dating sites we have highlighted for you here. Of course, you don’t have to take our word for this. Feel free to access any of these gamer dating outlets before deciding which one would be best for you. This is the beauty of using the online environment for finding potential partners. The environment is so user-friendly and flexible.


What to consider before settling for a gamer dating service?

You need to find out which of the highlighted apps offer easy nerd interaction.

Why do dating sites work for Gamers?

Gamers are already technologically savvy, so socializing online is so easily done.

How to choose the right gamers dating site?

Take advantage of free registration, see what’s available, use our guidance. Try gamer dating now!