Best iPhone dating apps in Australia

If you are relatively new to Internet dating but eager to test the waters with various iPhone dating outlets, the good news for you is that there is a variety of options available. If you would like to take advantage of dating apps that you can freely download to your iPhone, then check out the recommendations we have listed on this review website. There is an incredible variety of choices available for the discerning single, so no matter where you happen to be in Australia, check out the dating apps that we have highlighted here and you are bound to find something that is right up your street. You will find it very easy to strike up a relationship with other singles when you check out any of these iPhone dating apps.


Check out the clean, user-friendly interface of Upforit, and you’ll instantly want to find out more. This is dedicated to providing hookups that will spice up your love life, with lots of exciting advice about body language and the fine art of seduction!



Hinge is all about making dating easy, as long as you’re keen to connect with someone for establishing a sense of chemistry. Its slogan is “designed to be deleted,” meaning it’s all about getting familiar with the ideal singles, and swiftly moving on from those seeking flings.



POF is worthwhile for iPhone users, especially if you’re aged between 18 and 25, and are looking for an introduction to online dating. It's a well-established dating resource, claiming to have 3 million daily logins, and is one of the few apps offering live streaming.



Although its photo-heavy profiles make Bumble seem like just another site for casual hookups, this is an excellent choice for iPhone dating. It is particularly popular with females who are looking for a secure outlet to pursue relationships – they make the first move.



Get into location-based dating with this iPhone-friendly app. It is all about finding matches with people you might come across in the real world, while you're out and about, hanging around in bars or coffee shops. Matches are therefore realistic, not forced.

Special features of iPhone dating apps

Dating sites that are compatible with iPhone apps are an excellent way for Australian singles to connect. If you are relatively new to the iPhone environment when it comes to looking for suitable partners for a relationship, the available apps are flexible and will introduce you to a variety of kindred spirits. Whether you are keen to get involved in casual dating, or you would prefer searching for your suitable candidate for something longer-term, iPhones are certainly one of the most flexible ways of interacting with other singles. A variety of features will be available from the moment you download one of these iPhone apps to your smart device. They have been designed to offer all the functionality of the desktop versions, except the features that can be accessed from your pocket device.

Who uses iPhone dating apps

Because iPhones have become such a universally popular gadget, the apps that are available for these smart devices mean that they can be used by a variety of individuals. When it comes to the dating scene, downloading an iPhone app that is dedicated to finding matches is such a convenient way for you to get to know like-minded individuals. A diverse cross-section of the dating demographic is drawn to the convenience of using iPhones for flirting, so you will come across a tremendous range of possible candidates for relationships once you sign up to one of these apps and become a consistent user. If you are part of the LGBT community, the iPhone is an especially useful tool when it comes to getting to know possible candidates for a partnership.

How iPhone dating apps are ideal for meeting singles

Signing up to become a member of one of these iPhone apps couldn’t be any more straightforward. Once you have downloaded it to your smart device or tablet, look for the application form on the home screen. This will likely contain several fields that can be completed in a matter of minutes. Once you have supplied this information, the algorithm that is built into the iPhone dating app will ensure that you are matched with other members who have provided similar information. This ability of these iPhone apps to find common ground is such a valuable resource when it comes to establishing the building blocks for a relationship. In most instances it is free to sign up to these outlets, meaning you can take your time navigating around the web pages to determine the functionality that would be available should you commit to joining any particular site.

Search Filters

Searching for possible partners is so easy once you become acquainted with the flexibility of iPhone dating apps. The search forms can be easily tailored to allow you to fine-tune your searches, assuring you have every chance of finding someone who ticks your boxes. If you are particularly interested in coming across people who share your hobbies and interests, you can search through the profiles, keeping an eye out for anyone who has specified hobbies that you can identify with. You could always enter the chat room and search for other singles who might be amenable to dates in your part of Australia. If you are getting the impression that the search results you are obtaining aren’t putting you in touch with compatible individuals, then the forms are so easy to tailor.

Chatting to available singles using iPhone apps is easy

You will find the chat rooms in these iPhone dating apps are always welcoming to newcomers. Getting involved in friendly group discussions about every aspect of love and romance is certainly one way to break the ice when you are keen to establish relationships. The online environment is always conducive to open and honest conversation, and in no time you will be developing a wide social circle. As soon as you come across individuals you feel would be perfect for a more intimate chat, you can easily home in on them for some one-to-one action!

Which of the free iPhone dating apps are particularly recommended?

The beauty of using iPhone technology when it comes to looking for candidates for a relationship is that there are many free apps available to download. Once you have identified a cross-section of possible sites to investigate, you can readily download them to your smart device and check out the functionality that is on offer. We have tried to supply you with an overview of some of the most recommended ones here, but there are many more to choose from. Perhaps your best option is to try out one or two and feel your way around the web pages to see if they would be the ideal fit for the type of relationship you are hoping to organize. If you have come across a site that offers free registration, you are under no obligation to progress to becoming a fully-fledged member. On the other hand, if you have spent some time checking out the menu items and feel that upgrading your membership to a feepaying plan would be the way to go, most of these are relatively economical.


If you are eager to interact with other singles, using iPhone apps is certainly one of the most recommended ways to go. These apps have been designed with iPhone customers in mind, and if you are used to navigating your way around other apps, you'll find the interfaces relatively easy to use. They are perfectly adaptable for any type of dating, whether you are seeking casual flings are looking for your soulmate.


What to consider before settling for an iPhone dating app?

Ask yourself which of the iPhone apps we’ve reviewed seems the best fit.

Why do dating apps work for iPhone users?

iPhones were built for the convenience and flexibility of online dating.

How to choose the right iPhone dating apps?

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