Best Android dating apps in Australia

If you are single in Australia and seeking suitable partners for a hot relationship, whether that’s for something casual or long-term, your best option is to sign up to a dating outlet. An even more recommended way of interacting with a cross-section of suitable candidates for romance is to check out the availability of Android dating apps. You will find it so convenient to download one of these apps to your smart device, and once you sign up to become a member, you will be given free rein to begin browsing through the personal profiles, looking out for other singles who share your hobbies and interests. Most of these apps are readily downloadable to your gadget, so don’t waste any more time.

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Fetchingly designed in gold, black and white, BeNaughty presents an eye-catching interface that will instantly draw you into its charms. A highly popular dating outlet, this is easily one of the most recommended hookup sites for Android devices. The chat rooms are great for establishing the right mood.

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QuickFlirt benefits have such an eyecatching front page, with the screen split into columns, offering handy browsing and communication features. An especially worthwhile attribute is personal success stories provided by existing site members. These invite you to want to join in this vibrant community.

logo benaughty

Fetchingly designed in gold, black and white, BeNaughty presents an eye-catching interface that will instantly draw you into its charms. A highly popular dating outlet, this is easily one of the most recommended hookup sites for Android devices. The chat rooms are great for establishing the right mood.

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If you’re keen to use your Android device to connect with other singles from across the globe, AskMe4Date will introduce you to a world of exciting dating opportunities. Navigating to the foot of the home screen will help introduce you to singles from as far afield as the Maldives and Mexico.

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Upforit offers a nice, clean interface, and although it is text-heavy compared to many Android-friendly services, it’s the quality of the site content that counts. As one of the statements on its introductory page states, “seduction does not begin below the waist, contrary to what many people think!”

Special features of Android dating apps

Here are some of the most worthwhile features Android dating apps offer.

  • An eye-catching and easily navigatable interface. This must provide a comprehensive introduction to what’s on offer in terms of services and special features. Ideally, the typeface should be crisp and legible, and the images should be seamlessly integrated.
  • Android dating apps should offer a range of features that will make it straightforward to communicate. The chat facilities should be accessible, whether users opt to touch base using text, phone calls, or video chat.
  • An extremely important aspect for Android apps is that members should be able to block anyone who is becoming a nuisance or even report them to the app’s customer support team.
  • The signing up system should be seamless, with safety and security paramount. Algorithms should be in operation, which will ingather data from newcomers and check whether there are matches with any of the existing users.

Who uses Android dating apps?

The typical user of any Android dating app is likely to be male or female, slightly slanted toward the former (split in the region of 56% to 44% or thereabouts). There are also increasing numbers of members of the Aussie LGBT community who are finding the convenience of Android apps irresistible. Because they can be readily downloaded to a smartphone or tablet, they are a handy way of keeping in touch with friends and prospective partners. The bulk of Android’s customers are to be found in the Western (or Southern!) world, especially the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. There are also sizeable customer bases in other parts of Europe, such as Scandinavia and Germany, while an emerging market for Android apps is represented by the Far East and Latin America. The flexibility of these resources makes them remarkably popular.

Let’s consider how to use Android dating apps to find singles

When you first download an Android app, you can use it to connect with potential partners in a variety of ways. The first thing you have to do is decide which of the many apps would be most suitable for your requirements, depending on the type of relationship you are seeking. Apps are catering to every possible aspect of dating, from interracial or age-gap romance to LGBT partnerships, to polyamorous dating, and many more options. Some of these apps will offer shortcuts when it comes to reaching out to other site users. You can ‘like’ another member’s profile, which will alert them when people are interested in getting to know them better. An even more informal way of touching base is to send ‘winks,’ alerting the person you are attracted to that they have a suitor! Some Android apps make this even easier, inviting you to ‘swipe’ to signify engagement.

Search Filters

There are a variety of recommended ways to search using Android apps. Most will offer basic functionality as part of their free memberships, while some will increase the potency of their search abilities for users choosing to subscribe to premium plans. The key thing to keep in mind is that you can tailor your search forms according to your personal preferences, and if you aren’t satisfied with the quality or relevance of the results compared to what you’re looking for, then you can try different combinations. When it comes to advanced searches, another interesting feature to keep an eye out for is date scheduling.

Chatting to compatible singles using Android apps

Android apps represent a great way to start chatting to singles you would like to get to know romantically, as well as increasing your social circle. A great way to enter into a conversation is to introduce yourself in the dating app’s chat room facility. Get involved in group discussions, or home in on individuals you like the look of for more intimate messaging. The beauty of communicating with Android apps is that it is so easy to establish a rapport with the other app users, and you could be exchanging messages whenever is most convenient to you.

Are there free Android dating apps for singles eager to interact online?

If you are single and keen to go online to connect with prospective partners, and also comfortable with using Android apps, you are in a win-win situation! Many dating apps are compatible with Android-based devices, and the even better news is that most of these are free, at least in the initial stages. So why don’t you check out any of the titles that we have reviewed here, and suss out if they provide you with the functionality you would expect when attempting to connect with other singles in the online environment? Android dating apps can easily be downloaded from App stores, for installation on your Android device with minimal hassle. In terms of the free membership, you will undoubtedly be able to create a profile and then begin searching through the personal details of other website members. It could be the case that you will be able to unleash even more potent features if you decide to subscribe to become a fee-paying member.


What’s not to like about android dating apps? For newcomers to the online relationship scene in Australia, they are the perfect tool for interacting with a diverse range of prospective partners. They are mostly free to download, and once you have taken the step of installing one of these flexible apps, you will have a handy dating tool, readily accessible at any time of day, whenever is most convenient.


What to consider before settling for an Android dating app?

Will this app’s functionality serve my dating ‘wishlist?’ I can make some comparisons first.

Why do dating apps work for Android users?

They provide seamless access to other singles, making it easy to develop chemistry.

How to choose the right Android dating apps?

We’ve provided a shortlist of recommended dating outlets. Check started with Android apps today!