5 Dating Simulator Games

The dating simulator genre consists of a wide array of games. Some of them are serious, while others are a bit comedic in nature. Some are more realistic, but others feel very strange and often outlandish. They all have their place, as people have their love and support for all those categories. Many gamer dating sites now allow their members to interact with others through those games. Some games are also available for Android and iOS devices where multiple players can join and interact to handle a seemingly realistic romantic situation. Of course, sims are not for everyone, but some unique titles know how to break the mold and attract a large majority of gaming fans. You can always start with these 5 dating simulator games.

  • Max Gentlemen Sexy Business!
  • It is nothing less than a gift for the fans of Victorian aesthetics and tycoon games. In this adult-orienting simulator game, you will find players running a business and competing with others for the affection of Victorian men and women. The options to customize your character and handle your business in your way make it even more interesting.

  • Arcade Spirits
  • The intriguing premise of Arcade Spirits makes it more interesting and popular among sim gaming fans. You will be working as an employee at a futuristic arcade and get a chance to flirt with customers and other employees. Interestingly, it lets you flirt with both men and women and acknowledges your choices related to your romantic future as well as the future of the arcade.

  • Hatoful Boyfriend
  • The premise may be a bit strange yet unique enough to keep dating sim fans interested. You will be at an elite avian school and using your way to romance talking birds. Take it more like a visual novel than anything else. Expect interesting plot twists happening and testing your decision-making skills to the core.

  • Mystic Messenger
  • Get ready for an immersive experience with this sim where you receive strange messages through a mysterious app. It connects you with other men and women you can romance while solving the app's mysteries. Your choices will determine how the whole thing ends, as they have various paths and endings already designed for exciting gameplay.

  • LongStory
  • those looking for some LGBTQ dating simulator content, LongStory is one outstanding option. Designed mainly for a younger audience, it makes you play the role of a new student at middle school and where you flirt with whomever you would like. Expect the game to be packed with drama and intrigue. You will be unraveling mysteries while meeting new dating partners.


3 Dating Simulator Games for Guys

A variety of simulator games are available these days, but most men get attracted to the ones that require meaningful decision-making. Here are few interesting options, as they are mechanically diverse and just as exciting to play for players with varied experience levels.

  • Love Language Japanese
  • Guys would love this unique but highly interesting game in the dating sim genre. You will be playing the role of a guy who flirts with women at a university while learning Japanese. The use of mini-games, visual novel elements, and built-in lessons makes it quite entertaining and informative at the same time.

  • The Arcana
  • While it may not have as many visual novel elements as some other top-rated dating simulators, its unique premise and a 21 episode storyline work in its favor. There are various collectibles to explore, surprisingly interesting game art, and a large number of people to romance. It is also LGBT-friendly, as you can decide whomever you would want to date.

  • Genius Inc Dating Games
  • Many simulators are available under this brand, but you must try their popular offerings, such as Mythical Hearts, Yaoi Beast Boys, and Twilight School. Most of them rely on identical mechanics and user interfaces, but different storylines make them more interesting for guys.

3 Dating Simulator Games for Girls

Just like boys, girls are also looking for a way to entertain themselves in the virtual world, and playing dating simulator games is the way to go. Here are some cool options to try:

  • Amnesia: Memories
  • A reasonably interesting sim with many visual novel elements, the game never fails to impress you with its storyline, characters, and art style. As it is an otome, it is geared towards the female audience.

  • Obey Me!
  • It is basically a cross between a card-based RPG and a visual novel. It inspires girls to get out of their comfort zones to explore the world. You play as an exchange student at an all-demon school with a goal to develop a better understanding between demons and humans.

  • Mr. Love: Queen's Choice
  • With a catchy storyline and four choices to find your romantic partner, the sim impresses you in every way. It may not be packed with a dating sim, but it makes up with its visual novel aspect. The focus is mainly on the story, and it is quite relaxing to play, irrespective of how experienced you are as a gamer.