10 Online Dating Games

Considering the popularity of online dating sites, there is a high chance that you know someone who found love online. You may have already tried it yourself to find the love of your life. Quite interestingly, online sites now also help you find someone seeking casual encounters. Whatever your preferences, you can find a partner, and that is also true for gamer dating.

Technology seems to play a role in bringing people together. For gamers, virtual love and long-distance relationships are becoming the norm. But, while you are trying your luck on dating sites for gamers, you can play games to keep you entertained. Many of these games help you know your potential dating partner better. Here are some of the best dating games to try:


Second Life

The graphics of this game are the reason why it is a treat to play it with or without a partner. It is all about living in an online virtual world in the forms of avatars. You will be interacting with other avatars, objects, and places. Take it much more than a fancy chat room because you can make choices and do a lot more than simply communicating with one another. You can earn money that you can convert to USD whenever you like.

Moove: 3D Chat and Dating

This German virtual world online dating game provides you with hours of interactive fun. It has become a popular option because it provides smooth 3D avatar chatting as well as dating simulation. What makes it unique is how it is not based on a 'world' itself. Instead, it relies on a "room" theme where you move from one room to another while interacting with people inside. The best part is that you can even enjoy decorating your rooms and land offline.

Portal 2

Do you like dating, and you enjoy puzzles at the same time? Portal 2 is just what the doctor ordered for you. It involves finding your way through a baffling maze. You will be cooperating with other players to solve the puzzles. The interaction itself is exciting and helps you make new connections. The two-player mode has its own unique story, characters, and test chambers.

A World of My Own

Call it an SL alternative if you may, but it is sure to leave you excited and satisfied with hours of fascinating gameplay. As Virgin Games is part of the venture, you are sure to witness interesting upgrades in the future. It also means you will have no complaints about its graphics, which are sweet and impressive. Features are just as impressive, making it one great online game to try.


This Chinese game will impress you in many ways; that is why it is enjoying so much local popularity. While the graphics need some more work, the basic plot/storyline makes amends for it. You may find it resembling a lot with Second Life, but it is not as expensive to try.

Meet Me

If you are looking for a true Japanese wonder that gives "Second Life" a run for its money, try Meet Me. It encourages social interaction, as you will be traveling through public transports. You need to behave while trying this online simulation game because profanities are sure to get you "banned."

Overcooked 2

This chaotic co-op cooking game will help you connect with your potential dating partner deeply. It focuses on bringing back that nostalgic feeling of preparing food together. How skilled you are at preparing meals will impact the success of your character in the game. You will be serving various recipes, such as pasta, sushi, burgers, cakes, and burritos, to customers while flirting with them at the same time.


You can enjoy it in 2D, but those looking for cool graphics should go for a 3D version. It is a popular social simulation game, so it works for everyone. Unlike Second Life and many other similar games, you enjoy a Free House when playing Kaneva. It is one perfect alternative to Second Life.


Why would you not want to try a game that is netting out well over $10 million in revenue? This 3D game revolves around a unique storyline, as it focuses on the red-light district in Amsterdam. It also serves perfectly well as a dating service and is therefore rated adult.

Sony Playstation Home

It is going to compete with SecondLife with some vigor because there are many people to interact with, and there are never as many creeps or perverts as on SL. Graphics can easily beat Second Life any day. It may not be as impressive for guys because they will not find many girls with PS3 to interact with.