EliteSingles Review – Everything You Should Know

Discover Top 5 Advantages to Use EliteSingles

This dating site is backed by years of offering legitimate dating services.

A personality survey gets members matched accurately.

A large percentage of the user base is highly educated; there is no riff-raff here.

Stats show this webpage facilitates approx. 2000 new couples monthly.

Global reach – EliteSingles boasts members from Canada and Britain too.

EliteSingles Users

It is a bombastic site playing host to users worldwide; this dating platform is a no-nonsense site.

  • Membership Base: Millions registered globally, with 5,000,000 registered in America alone
  • User Base: Primary members seek short-term flings, with a few interested in something long-term, i.e., marriage
  • Recommended for: Short-term flings, if you seek love and long-term companionship, you may be hard-pressed finding it on EliteSingles. Though the site claims to have facilitated long-term relationships, these are a few couples out of millions seeking hookups on this site.
  • Active Age Range: 34 -45
sign up process on elitesingles

Registration and Profile Creation

Upon review, the signup process on EliteSingles is tedious but good. It takes approximately 20 mins to complete the process. It is because, in addition to your vitals and virtues, plus preferences listing what you seek in others, there is a personality quiz.

This quiz accounts for your habits, e.g., if you leave stuff lying around the house or the outdoorsy, adventurous type, or prefer the indoors. There is also a portion where you describe yourself, your personality, and your attributes. Once done, the site redirects you to a page with possible matches based on your provided details.

elitesingles profile

How Does EliteSingles Work?

This dating site brings together like-minded people for immensely satisfying fun, usually starting with intimate chats and ending with mind-blowing hookups. The site compiles data from different individuals, which is then displayed for registered members to browse. Once you are fully registered, these dating platforms allow you to chat with members you like. You can engage them with videos and texts while planning for your initial rendezvous. The platform also provides a safe and secured platform for users to engage. It works by using SSL encryption so that all intimate chats remain within the website, with no leakage.


Using the basic search function, EliteSingles users can peruse other profiles to find what they are looking out for. It usually takes longer, but it works wonders if you are in the vicinity. If you would like an intimate luncheon with someone, search for a cutie in proximity as you ride the bus or taking a stroll in a new hood.

Alternatively, you could leave it all up to the matchmaking system. Once you upload all your necessary details, including taking the personality quiz, sit back and relax. The website uses this data, and algorithms, to find a match.

searching on elitesingles

EliteSingles App

The EliteSingles dating app is easy to navigate, and it is light on the phone for storage-conscious members. Not taking up too much space, the apps are available for Android and Apple devices, downloadable on Google Play Store and the App Store.

For all things dating, these apps are fully functional and user-friendly for everyone, including those born before computers. Our review shows developers made sure all the desktop version features can easily be found and used on the app. These features include basics like sending winks, liking profiles, and updating your own, as well as preparing a favorites list.

contacting on elitesingles

EliteSingles Features

Free Features
EliteSingles is one of Melbourne dating sites that offers a few budget-friendly free features for members to enjoy and facilitate fun dates. These include:

Taking the personality questionnaire

Free-to-use members can upload photos and videos to profiles

Check out personality quiz results

Receive daily matches based on personality, preference listings

Paid Features
This fancy platform has decent features applicable to paid packages for users to capitalize on their web-based dating experience.

Personality quiz results are elaborated, in detail, for you to understand, perhaps amend

Other premium users will be recommended frequently

Premium members can access all photos related to their matches

Pricing Plans

Plan 1
3 months - $34.95 per month; Total = $104.85
This simple upgrade gives you access to several features, including a Big Five Personality assessment. All upgrades allow for more messaging options, not forgetting the app is free for use.
Plan 2
6 months - $19.95 per month; Total = $104.85
These premium plans don’t differ much in terms of services. The main difference is the value for money they offer. With a six-month subscription, EliteSingles members can enjoy casual or serious dating at an affordable rate.
Plan 3
12 months - $17.95 per month; Total = $251.40
The top of the line subscription offer, for a full year, with no restrictions on chatting/messaging or any other features offered on the website. Certain websites offer added security once a member upgrades. With EliteSingles, all members receive top-notch online security.

EliteSingles Pros

This site has a lot to offer in terms of membership base, with millions available for intimate dating from all over the world. Also, the mobile apps make it easy to stay in touch, and the security features/certificates keep all information from leaking. It is a site embracing the LGBTQ community and ethnic/interracial dating.

EliteSingles Cons

As usual, unlimited chatting is impossible for free-to-use members. Only paid members can access matches, which can leave someone disgruntled and headed to other sites. Communication is the cornerstone of online dating, and members have to pay extra to send messages.

Real Testimonials of EliteSingles Users

Kelly Stevenson, 24. MD

I met my current boyfriend on EliteSingles, and I’m glad I joined the site, not because of him, but because if he lets me down, EliteSingles the cutest guys nearby.

Lisa Marie, 27. NY

I’m lesbian and have been in the closet for years, till I joined recently. I’m not sure where EliteSingles will take me, but the members are really friendly. I can’t wait for that date)

Ted Wilson, 44. IL

I recommend anyone looking for friendly singles or couples for quiet, intimate nights at home or wild nights (indoors) joins this site. It has the wildest yet most humble members.

Experts Conclusion

You may stumble upon this site accidentally; either way, we recommend that you stay on and create a detailed profile. The site really works!


How Exactly Can I Report a Suspicious Profile at EliteSingles?

Send an email to the admins using the fill-out form. They usually respond within a few hours.

Why Were My Photos Rejected on the Website?

There are photo standards every member should adhere to. Cartoon characters, avatars, or celebrity photos are not allowed.

How Can I Request a Refund at EliteSingles?

Simply reach out to the customer care team on EliteSingles to query refunds.