A Thorough AdultFriendFinder Review for You to Read

Check out Top 5 Advantages to Use AdultFriendFinder

It is a large dating site with over 80 million registered globally – a huge pool of users to engage.

The site is open to every type of relationship and fully supports LGBTQs.

This platform boasts way more males than females, at 80% for males.

Dating made easier on a matchmaking service that works.

Deliberate admins vet profiles before approval.

AdultFriendFinder Users

It has a very large user base, consisting of several varying arrangements, including polygamy and bisexual hookups.

  • Members: 64 million within the USA alone, 2,000,000 active weekly
  • User Base: Mostly males seeking vastly different relationships, especially with younger women
  • Recommended for: No strings attached dating, including one-night stands, hookups, and mature dating (MILF, cougars, and sugar daddy dating is welcomed)
  • Active Age Range: 25 - 34

As the site is open to all kinds of sexual preferences, there are few members who join as couples seeking singles or other couples. The site is also open to kink and fetish dating, making for a wide range of sexual types to choose from.

sign up process on adultfriendfinder

Registration and Profile Creation

The signup process on this world-renowned dating site is commendable. For starters, it takes a short time to have you up and running. In less than five minutes, plus email verification, members can begin browsing profiles of their choosing. While still in the process of signing up, this dating service insists that you sign up with a unique username, one that doesn’t capture your real name or email. Once that is complete, you can upload one profile picture, and you are required to mention your sexual preferences. These details will be used to match you with similar-minded people, hopefully within proximity.

adultfriendfinder profile

How Does AdultFriendFinder Work?

The site compiles credible personals from all over the world for users to peruse. Once a profile is created, members await an email for purposes of verification. Once an email is received, users can click on it to verify their identity.

This process should take no more than five minutes, at which point users are free to hit Like or X on profiles. At this point, you can engage in sending free messages to an online crush or two. This fancy dating site then allows messaging and financial transactions for upgrades to happen on an SSL encrypted platform.


This popular relationship site uses member’s vital information, alongside their virtues, to bring them closer to like-minded peeps. Upon review, when you finalize your profile, there will be location details, sexual preferences (in a partner), as well as their traits. This information is used with algorithms on the website to draw nearby members closer.

Those with similar interests will contact you first, or the site will point you in the right direction. Also, AdultFriendFinder allows members to perform a basic and advanced search for potential partners, which is a form of manual matchmaking, if you will.

searching on adultfriendfinder

AdultFriendFinder App

This modern dating site has an easy-to-use downloadable app available for android and iOS users. It means even the less tech-savvy will have a wild time dating on AdultFriendFinder. For starters, the application boasts all the cool features found on the desktop version.

Being a credible dating service, AdultFriendFinder is part of the FriendFinder Network.

This group of companies provides an AllFriendFinder app, which lets you pick up people on various platforms; pretty cool, right? However, if all you want are AdultFriendFinder members, there is a downloadable app strictly for these members. Incidentally, the app allows for live streaming.

contacting on adultfriendfinder

AdultFriendFinder Features

Free Features

Like photos and videos

Prepare a Hotlist

Comment on Blogs as well as AdultFriendFinder profile photos

Check out uploaded videos on AdultFriendFinder homepages

Make use of the site’s basic search filters for matchmaking purposes

Online dating is built on communication; users need to upgrade to premium packages to maximize AdultFriendFinder features

Paid Features

Fully paid AdultFriendFinder members can check out full profiles

Send gifts on a paid account (virtual gifts)

Add friends to your list

Only paying members can receive, read and send messages

Utilize the chat option to engage AdultFriendFinder users fully

Maximize your dating experience on paid accounts and access live streams

Pricing Plans

Plan 1
Gold Membership
1 month - $39.95
This package is perfect for those who want to test the waters. There is no 3, or 4-day trial available as it is on most casual dating sites.
However, this one-month package facilitates all communication needs to ensure a few intimate dates.
Plan 2
Gold Membership (Most Liked)
3 months - $26.95; Total = $80.85
The most popular package in terms of value for money, according to time frame. Some members may not wish to be committed for too long in the hopes they will find their dream lover in good time.
Plan 3
Gold Membership
12 months - $19.95 per month; Total = $239.40
This package saves you money in the long run and could be the best approach. It helps members stay in touch with similar-minded folks throughout the year, for hookups et al.

AdultFriendFinder Pros

The site has multiple options for mobile communication.

Members galore from all over the globe, a heavy pool to choose from.

AdultFriendFinder Cons

There are limited chat options for free members, including a live stream.

A very large membership base makes it harder for admins to filter out fake accounts.

Candid AdultFriendFinder Testimonials

Kelly Stevens, 33. MD

I am in love, for the first time with someone who reciprocates that love. I’m also finally looking to get hitched, without a doubt in my mind. Thanks AdultFriendFinder!

Jon Stewart, 28. IL

Being gay is hard and much harder when you live in a close-knit community. Thanks to AdultFriendFinder, I found a gay seeking someone like me nearby.

Lilian Carter, 29. CA

I met the man of my dreams in the form of a divorcee on AdultFriendFinder, looking for a single lass like myself. The matchmaking on this site is commendable)

Experts Conclusion

Our team of experts suggests people, hard-pressed, finding love offline, to join online dating, using AdultFriendFinder instead of Craigslist and other Backpages.


Tips on Reporting a Suspicious Profile at AdultFriendFinder

Fill out a form with the specific behavior of the member, and send an email to administrators.

Wonder Why Your Photo Was Rejected

Photo standards are based on authenticity. If you used a celebrity photo, a cartoon character, or an avatar, it will be rejected.

Is It Possible to Request a Refund at AdultFriendFinder?

AdultFriendFinder does not offer any refunds upon canceling a subscription or any event.