Best anime dating apps in Australia

Are you a fan of anime? If you are, then you are part of a vibrant and creative community that is growing in popularity all the time. If you are also seeking a relationship with other singles who are also passionate about this pastime, then perhaps you have wondered if any dating shortcuts could be recommended? We have assessed a variety of anime dating apps, recommending those that would be perfect for forming a relationship with like-minded individuals. So if you are a fan of anime, stop what you are doing right now, and check out the reviews that we have listed here. Your only regret will be not having taken this step before now! Our experts have assessed a cross-section of anime apps.

logo eharmony

If you’re a fan of anime and happen to be seeking a soulmate rather than a series of flings, eHarmony will be perfect for you. Aimed at the over-30s, the emphasis is squarely on compatibility and meaningful relationships, rather than no strings attached encounters.

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Otaku Singles

The neatly designed homepage, with white text set against a black background, invites you to commence your Otaku adventure by completing the straightforward application form. If you love the Otaku subculture, you’ll get into this dating resource.

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The interface itself resembles the gaudy cover of one of your favorite anime posters, so you’ll feel at home when you check out this dating resource. It provides good matching functionality, and will also introduce you to new friends easily.

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Kosu is an anime dating app that is free and will introduce you to kindred spirits who are also into watching anime or playing video games. You’ll find yourself getting drawn into its blend of chat, matching, and general homage to the world of anime.

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Maiotaku initially comes across as more of a glorified chat room than a dating outlet. Its interface is brashly designed, and it is aimed at Millennials, with user handles starting with an @, like Twitter or Instagram. Check out the range of interesting forum threads.

Special features of anime dating apps

The purpose of anime dating apps is to make it more convenient for singles who share this obsession to get in touch with each other. The apps that we have investigated on your behalf tend to offer free registration, meaning that you can check out what’s on offer and assess some of the functionality firsthand before deciding if you wish to go ahead and sign up for this particular venture. All dating sites, regardless of their core activities, are founded on compatibility. The moment you sign up to an anime app, the information you provide at the registration stage will be ingathered by algorithms within the site that will then provide you with a strong possibility of being matched with members who have provided similar aspirations.

Who uses anime dating apps?

Anime happens to be a fairly universally popular hobby, meaning that the gender split between those who profess a passion for this activity is fairly even. If anything, during surveys regarding who is most interested, more boys tend to admit to a love of anime, but this shouldn’t dissuade anyone from investigating the possibilities of establishing a relationship with whichever gender of anime fan happens to be your preference. Because this type of animated feature originated in Japan, there still tends to be a slant towards anime popularity in the FarEast. Having said that, the fact that anime is so readily adaptable to an international audience means that there are few restrictions in terms of the type of cultural background of potential partners. So if you join an anime dating site, there is every chance you could find yourself flirting with friendly foreigners.

The most convenient ways to meet singles on anime dating apps

There are various ways to connect with the other site users when you are interested in forging a connection with anime fans. Many of the sites we have highlighted here will offer shortcuts, such as the ability to ‘like’ another member’s profile. This will instantly alert them that someone is interested in what they see, and if this attraction is reciprocated, you are good to go in terms of establishing regular communication. At the very least, you can take advantage of the functionality that allows site users to send ‘winks’ to other singles. Look upon sending winks to other site users as the equivalent of walking into an anime convention, spotting a fellow fan across the crowded room that you are instantly drawn to, and flashing them an enticing smile!

Search Filters

When you sign up to an anime site, there are various filters that you can apply to the search form that will give you your best chance of connecting with someone who is on your wavelength. At the very least, you can specify your preferred gender, as well as the age group you would have most in common with, and the preferred location of your ideal partners. Because anime dating sites are so adaptable to their customers, you don’t have to rely on the first set of results that appear when you complete a form. Keep looking and having fun connecting.

Chatting to singles on anime dating sites

Everyone has a favorite anime feature. This will always be an excellent icebreaker when it comes to instigating conversation topics with fellow enthusiasts. You could introduce yourself in the chat rooms on any of the anime dating outlets highlighted. Here you can get involved in all sorts of group discussions about various anime features, and if you have a particular anime movie in mind that you would like to discuss, feel free to do so. Of course, there is every chance that you will be drawn to particular individuals. You can easily break off from group chats for one-to-one conversations.

What are the best free dating apps aimed at anime fans?

If you are interested in signing up to free dating apps for anime enthusiasts, an excellent starting point would be referring to any of the sites we have reviewed. Of course, these merely represent the tip of the iceberg. You will find that the majority of dating apps aimed at singles with a passion for anime will offer a free membership. This will allow you to get a feel of how the interface operates, and whether or not you find it a user-friendly platform for connecting with other singles. You will also be able to get a hint of the advanced features that might be on offer if you were to decide to go to the next level and take out a premium membership. The choice of a dating app is entirely up to you, but you will find that most of the ones aimed at singles seeking anime-loving partners will provide similar functionality, enabling you to strike up a rapport as quickly as possible. If you are a newcomer, free dating apps are a recommended way of reaching out to other singles who also adore the world of anime features.


As we have highlighted in our review service, there is a tremendous variety of websites and apps that are available to any singles who are particularly keen on establishing a romantic relationship with a fellow anime enthusiast. Because this is such a popular leisure activity, you will find many outlets are catering to singles with a passion for animated features. We have provided an overview of anime websites, so it is entirely up to you which of the ones we have highlighted you would like to commit to. So just relax, check out the interfaces, and start interacting.


What to consider before settling for an anime dating service?

Read our reviews, then choose the app that will provide links to compatible singles.

Why do dating sites work for anime fans?

Anime fans usually feel comfortable in the online environment and can choose from many sites.

How to choose the right anime dating apps?

Start by referring to the sites we have reviewed. Join an anime site soon!