GamerDating Review

GamerDating is one of the gamers dating sites that young adults in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and several other countries are crazy about. Designed like a real game, the site is embraced by people who want to score virtual points and prizes—and win a shot at a marvellous romance.Rolled out in mid-2005 but fully launched years later, GamerDating boasts a curated population of adventure-loving nerds, geeks, and others in between. It has a steady following, which consists of singles whose merry motto may as well be, “Ready. Set. Play!”

Neat and Nice Facts About GamerDating Australia

Thousands of geeky yet gorgeous users worldwide are logged in daily.

Hundreds of nerdy yet nifty members hail from Australia.

The male-to-female ratio is balanced and ideal.

The dating platform is new, fresh, and exclusive, with room to breathe, bloom, and grow.

The site has a fun, frolicsome gaming atmosphere, which makes flirting and online dating all the more fantastic.

Joining GamerDating is free.

It costs very little to get a premium subscription.

Basic Plan and GamerDating Free Membership Include

Users under the standard dating plan (or free membership) enjoy these basic features and benefits:

  • Account sign-up, confirmation, and verification
  • Profile creation and photo uploading
  • Browsing and search
  • Six (6) daily matches

Account Sign-Up, Confirmation, and Verification. It takes a few minutes to register and enter the exciting, electric world of GamerDating.

Profile Creation and Photo Uploading. Rookies and “noobs,” whether free or paying, have the opportunity to build one of the most captivating profiles onsite. The process includes answering questions that are relevant for matchmaking and dating, providing information that charms other users, uploading a photo for members to behold.

Browsing and Search. Basic subscribers can look at the profiles of potential opponents at play and partners in romance.

Six (6) Daily Matches. The system provides half a dozen dating recommendations that basic subscribers can either like or pass up on.

Premium Plan and GamerDating Paid Membership Include

  • All standard plan or free membership perks
  • Free game
  • “Find a Date” search use
  • Sending and receiving messages

Free Game. This brings out the competitive edge in the platonic and romantic departments. Paying members can choose what to play, and they can increase their odds of meeting someone special with the same gaming and dating interests.

“Find a Date” Search Use. This advanced-matchmaking privilege lets paying members to take their quest for a significant other to greater heights.

Sending and Receiving Messages. This feature allows paying members to communicate their thoughts and feelings with their dating prospects.

GamerDating users who upgrade to the Gold Quest or Silver Quest premium plan or paid membership also receive an immediate response from customer support. They can throw any site-related questions and expect answers in a jiffy.

Who User and Member Types Are on GamerDating?

  • 5K users, including 3.5K from the United States
  • Hundreds of active users in Australia
  • More than one-third logged in daily
  • 50% males, 50% females
  • 18-34 years old, most active age groups

GamerDating boasts a curated dating population, which is an advantage to many singles who are obsessed with online games. It’s so exclusive, access in many countries is forbidden.

The site caters to users and members in the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Brazil, and a few other countries. The hustle and bustle here are borne of the inherent competitive spirit of people from Generation Y (the hot-blooded Millennials) and Generation Z. There’s approximately one gorgeous guy for every one glamorous gal, which makes this online gaming and dating platform near-perfect, if not absolutely perfect, for virtual-victory seekers who are real-world romantics.

Sign Up and Chatting on GamerDating

Joining GamerDating can be cumbersome and takes a quarter of an hour on average. But this isn’t a bad thing at all because the grind equates to minimizing fakes on the site. Newbies can choose to register using their Facebook account, though, to expedite the sign-up process.

Here are the steps to regular registration:

  • Enter first name, birthday, own gender, gender of a prospective date.
  • Enter preferred GamerDating account password.
  • Enter e-mail address for confirmation.
  • Select three (3) favourite games.
GamerDating signup

To chat and have a meaningful conversation with Aussie users, as well as those from the countries that GamerDating operates in, get premium. Gold Quest costs USD70 for four (4) months; Silver Quest, USD35 for two (2) months.


Best common ground for online-gaming enthusiasts

Ideal for adult users looking to date like-minded players

Curated member base

Good safety, security, and privacy measures


Small Aussie dating population and too exclusive

Shorter-term plans not available

Trial memberships not available

Unoptimized mobile site very slow to browse

No app for either Android or iOS

Profile Quality

GamerDating requires new users to build their profiles to the max for other members to see. This is to help match compatible people on the site more easily.Because it asks for details, details, and more details during sign-up and won’t take blanks for answers, the online dating platform has a lot to show everyone in the community. So, when browsing profiles, people can view the headshots of others.

Users can also read about other members’ lifestyles, languages spoken, educational backgrounds, religious beliefs, social inclinations, and gaming habits. Not to mention physical attributes like height, eye colour, and presence of tattoos.In sum, the profiles on the GamerDating platform are more comprehensive and engaging than those on similar sites. These tend to be genuine, too. If there are bogus or misrepresented accounts, the quick-thinking gaming enthusiasts will likely detect inconsistencies and spot red flags. And when they do, they can report suspicious behaviour to customer support.

GamerDating profile

GamerDating Reviews

Muriel, 19, Canberra

I am stoked to meet friends and (hopefully) future dates here. The site’s a ripper. People here are sweet as. Anybody gets what everybody does and wants: play virtual games, score a dardy date, have heaps of fun!

Billy, 29, Sydney

My mate, a gamer like myself, told me about this site. He said I could find a rebound after my non-gamer girlfriend of 3 years said it was time for her to move on...away from my boring existence. Having nothing to lose, I signed up. So now, I am rapt to be with lovely ladies who share my passion for online gaming. Ta, GD!

Stanley, 30, Melbourne

Before discovering this unique site, I was down on my luck in the dating circuit. No normal girl would waste her time with the consummate, inveterate gamer that I had become. But that was almost a lifetime ago. Thanks to GamerDating, I am now with like-minded people who also desire to triumph in the virtual battlefield and gain victory in the romance arena.


As its name suggests, GamerDating is for people who want to enjoy the best of both worlds: gaming and dating. It’s actually created by cyber-fun cravers, who are also real-life romantics but find it difficult to hold down a relationship with non-gamers.Admittedly, we’re not true-blue gamers, but we decided to give the site a try. Registration was rigorous but worth our time and energy. The hard part was choosing from a long list of games, including:

  • Zelda
  • Valorant
  • Uncharted
  • The Witcher
  • The Sims 4
  • Team Fortress 2
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (or PUBG)
  • Minecraft
  • Fortnite
  • DOTA 2
  • Destiny
  • Animal Crossing

We picked Animal Crossing, The Sims 4, and Valorant. There wasn’t much to do as free users, so we became paying GamerDating members. With a 60-day premium subscription, we became cyber-opponents of locals, whom we eventually met in bricks-and-mortar settings. We all thought that the games we played reflected our personalities and passions. It was a refreshing gaming and dating experience, overall.


How Do I Pass the Photo Verification Process on GamerDating?

Your photo must show you, not another person, and it should clearly show your face. The site has several ways to check whether the headshot you upload has been ripped somewhere on the World Wide Web. If you’ve registered onsite using your existing Facebook account, though, you’ll be cleared instantly.

As a Free GamerDating User, Will I See Who Likes Me?

The short and straightforward answer is, you won’t. There’s no provision for it on this dating platform.

How Do I Block an Unwanted GamerDating User or Member?

GamerDating has decent measures to maintain the safety, security, and privacy of its users and members. If somebody on the site acts inappropriately, click on the red-coloured “X” icon that’s sitting beside the red flag in the top right corner of the Webpage. Doing so will remove the person in question's privilege to view your profile and communicate with you. If users and members go way out of line and exhibit extremely offensive, oppressive, traumatizing, and even criminal behaviour, report them to the GamerDating help desk immediately. Ready and set to play? Join one of Australia’s fast-rising gamers dating sites and get lucky in love. GamerDating is free to try.