Coffee Meets Bagel Review

Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB) is one of the fast-emerging, highly ranked in Australia, the United States, and other parts of the world. It’s essentially an outlier, which defies the conventions of running online dating platforms. This is due to the fact that it delivers curated matches instead of letting users and members search manually and get frustratingly random results most of the time.

Fun and Fab Facts About Coffee Meets Bagel in Australia

This fast-emerging dating platform has hundreds of thousands of Aussie members and counting!

It’s for young locals from Down Under who want their safety, security, and privacy ensured.

Like-minded, unattached, and available Millennials and Generation Z’ers are ready for meaningful friendships and unforgettable romances.

Dozens of introductions across the six states have led to fairy-tale weddings and happily-ever-after marriages.

The algorithm is actually a super-smart and savvy virtual Cupid.

The Android and Apple apps get it that users and members are on the go and want quick, no-nonsense results.

Basic Plan and Coffee Meets Bagel Free Membership Include

The CMB app offers a myriad of awesome services for standard and premium members.

Some free perks are:
  • Android or iOS download
  • Account registration
  • Profile creation
  • Messaging upon connection
  • No-cost “Beans”

Android or iOS Download. Installing the Coffee Meets Bagel app won’t cost anything.

Account Registration. It’s a breeze to sign up. CMB is best used when the account is tied to Facebook, so its algorithm can recommend potential perfect dates from among friends of friends or even friends of friends of friends. It’s okay, though, to override Facebook and simply register with a mobile number.

Profile Creation. New users don’t have to shell out money to build their pages and answer the account questions that help them meet their respective matches shortly.

Messaging upon Connection. When two prospective daters are connected, they can send sweet nothings and savoury “somethings” to each other liberally. Not all dating apps have these things, gratis!

No-Cost “Beans.” These virtual, so-called beans are CMB’s in-app currency that lets members relish more services.

Premium Plan and Coffee Meets Bagel Paid Membership Include

  • All basic plan or free membership services
  • Report on users and matches’ mutual friends
  • Report on matches’ relevant on-app interaction
  • Unlimited “Woos”
  • 6K “Beans” monthly

Report on Users and Matches’ Mutual Friends.If members have tied their Coffee Meets Bagel pages to their Facebook accounts, the CMB system can drill down and get relevant information from the social network to come up with the best recommendations.

Report on Matches’ Relevant On-App Interaction.Paying members can see their prospective dates’ number of chats with other users, the average time it takes for them to respond to messages, and similar activities.

Unlimited “Woos.”Better than the “Likes” on other online dating platforms, “Woos” are meant to captivate people who are worth the attention and admiration.

6K “Beans” Monthly.This much currency can buy access to more features, such as “Mirror Mirror,” “Open Sesame,” and “Rematch.”

The premium plans or paid memberships also get immediate technical support from customer service to maximize their great experience on CMB.

Who Are Using Coffee Meets Bagel App?

  • 21M users worldwide
  • 100K+ active users in Australia
  • 40% males, 60% females
  • 18-35 years old, most active age groups

Coffee Meets Bagel bustles with friendly people who are mostly 18 to 35 years of age. It does have funky older users, particularly members of Generation X, who are seeking great company—and, possibly, an amazing romantic adventure.Launched in 2012, CMB is relatively new in the online dating arena but is ahead of the game in many ways. Its foremost unique trait is going against the “swiping” flow, so users won’t waste their time and energy aimlessly swiping for any luck in getting viable prospects.

The majority of the members think of the app as a clear winner in the cyber-Cupid league, which explains the following in the tens of millions.Probably the only downside (if at all) to CMB is that in Australia and elsewhere, there are more sheilas than bruces. There’s only one mighty meaty male for every three fascinating females, more or less much like in the real world. But the numbers keep growing every day, so it’s all good.

Sign Up and Chatting on Coffee Meets Bagel

Joining Coffee Meets Bagel takes nothing but a seamless Android or iOS install, plus a few minutes do as follows:

  • Choose whether you want to register using your Facebook account or, if you’re wary about this, you’d rather sign up with your mobile number.
  • If you tie your CMB account to Facebook, you can expect your matches and yourself to have loads of mutual friends. Don’t worry about privacy; CMB won’t post your activity on Facebook.
  • If you just link your mobile number, be ready for fun and fab dating surprises. The system won’t rely on your already existing social circle.
  • Enter your birthday, e-mail address, and gender.
coffeemeetsbagel signup
  • Once verified, build your profile.
  • Select your dating preferences.
  • Read the terms, conditions, and policies.
  • Check out the features and benefits, and see how you can make good use of the “Beans” that are sent your way for free.

To mix and mingle with Aussie or international daters, enter the chat room and experience the vibrancy.

To communicate privately with someone fascinating, click on the “Chats” bar at the bottom of the person’s profile.


Ideal for busy adult men and women

A curated community of eager Aussie daters

Free app download and fast sign-up

Loads of standard dating services to try and enjoy

A nonjudgmental and diverse network

Superb safety, security, and privacy measures

Affordable “Beans” to unlock more features


Some bogus local and international accounts

Most profiles with very limited dating details

Search too restricted and not available manually

Costly premium subscriptions and services

Profile Quality

Coffee Meets Bagel allows registered and confirmed Aussie users, be they free or paying members, to build their dating profiles in a snap. The system accommodates as many as nine (9) photos, each with a caption of up to 140 characters to make the images pop. The virtual album is visible to everyone on the app.Users have the privilege to know their profile ranking, which compares to that of other members.

Profiles have plenty of room for dating information, preferences, and expectations, and details entered can be edited, reviewed, or altogether changed later. These must meet all CMB terms, conditions, and policies. Honest-to-goodness users and members must be warned against occasional fakes, some of which are scammers and blackmailers. For suspicious elements, a help desk is ready to answer questions and resolve issues.

coffeemeetsbagel profile

Coffee Meets Bagel Reviews

Heath, 27, Wagga Wagga

I am a foreigner working on my MBA in Australia. I used to struggle to make new friends outside the university until I discovered, downloaded and started using the Coffee Meets Bagel dating app. This is now what I turn to whenever I need a breather and seek a fine little chat with a lovely local.

Janelle Ann, 31, Cairns

Coffee Meets Bagel is a good place to network, especially for young professionals like myself. Since installing the dating app, I have never run out of people to chat and have fun with. Some have become close friends and confidants, and there is one spunk who really makes me laugh.

Kellandale, 18, Port Hedland

The app’s sheer beauty, like many of the female members I’ve had the luck to meet here. My oldies couldn’t believe it was in Coffee Meets Bagel that I met the wonderful girl I introduced to them the other week. There were dills and fruit loops present, but the dating network is great in general.


With millions of people on the app, who can go wrong with Coffee Meets Bagel, right? Right! At least, in our case. Handling with CMB was tricky at first, but we did get the hang of it after about a couple of hours’ worth of getting familiar with the features and functionalities. It’s a pretty deviation from the “swiping” dynamic, and we thought it was a good thing to be spared the trouble of looking at weird choices, who wouldn’t land on our “desirables” list anyway.

We registered with our mobile because we were apprehensive about linking our Coffee Meets Bagel to Facebook. Although we knew that CMB would be accountable for privacy breaches and that it wouldn’t dare post our CMB activities on social media, we still decided against getting our real-world social circles involved. After all, why rely on CMB if we could find potential dates via friends, friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends? In sum, the experience has been exceptional thus far. We’re now on paid membership to enjoy more premium services. The matches were pleasantly surprising, and we’re glad to meet them all outside of Facebook.


How to Pass the Coffee Meets Bagel Photo Verification

For members linking their Facebook account to Coffee Meets Bagel, photo verification is basically instant. It’s very seldom that fakes will appear through this option, considering the technology that Facebook employs to weed out undesirable users. For members trying their mobile phone numbers, be sure to upload an original photo of yours and that it meets the app’s standards.In any case, everyone is enjoined to be careful at all times. Hustlers and fraudsters thrive where there are willing victims.

How to See Who Likes Me, a Free User, on Coffee Meets Bagel

If you’re a free user, you’ll know that a member (whether paying or not) has “Liked” you when the CMB system has connected you to him or her, and you’re given the privilege of chatting with that particular person.

How to Block Undesirable People on Coffee Meets Bagel

When you want to block someone on CMB, scroll down and tap the “Flag” icon. Select the “Report” option, then “Block” the Bagel.Check out Coffee Meets Bagel today, and see if one of the world’s trendiest adult and teen dating apps is for you. It’s free to try!